Mindful Workout for this week, take a mini break.

Last Monday before this school term ends. And time for another Mindful Workout.

If you are busy and work a lot, you might be looking forward to the holiday, only to crash as soon as it is there. Sounds familiar?

To prevend this, it might help to focus this week on taking more mini breaks. It’s important to acknowledge that your body and mind need breaks to reset, so you can keep going on doing what you think needs doing. That also means allowing yourself that you are free to take these breaks.

Now don’t get stressed, you don’t have to take long breaks, learn to take mini breaks instead. Take a minute just a couple of times a day and just unplug from all that is going on around you, that includes your phone, laptop and iPod. Just take a couple of deep breaths, stare outside the window, have a stretch. That’s all, set your timer for your first break in the morning, and at your first break, reset your timer for your next break, so you cannot forget!

Would love to hear how it’s going. Have a good week!

Mindfulness Workout

Here’s your all free Mindfulness Workout for this week.
We practice this in my 8-week training, and classes for this all round mindfulness training start again next schoolterm.
Mindful eating is a good way to set yourself in the here and now, to give your brain a break and to enjoy your meals more. You can become more aware of feeling full and it can also make you eat more slow and even less so you don’t overeat.
To make this easy for you, try to eat and drink only the very first three bites of every meal, and the first three sips of every drink, mindfully. That means using all your senses, and eating or drinking as it’s the first time you’ve ever tried this!
Let me know how this works for you!

Petone Classes and more

This week I confirmed the mindfulness for busy parents classes at the Petone Comunity House as well as the Mindful doodle & colouring workshop. Very excited about new locations and working together with the local community centres!

Next schoolterm the 8-week training has been confirmed to start at the Norhtland Memorial centre for a second time. Lower Hutt and Linden still have to be confirmed but I’m optimistic about sorting this out the coming week.

I had a day a the Tawa Community Market and had some interest in flyers for all my classes which is great too.

Working at the moment on Mindfulness for seniors and extending even more in the corporate market, building my Easy Now Empire as my children call it 🙂

Monday again!

August is flying by just like that! And Monday again, so time for another Easy Now Mindfulness Weekly workout!
This week is about acceptance which is a cornerstone of miindfulness. A lot of things happen during the day on which we have no influence at all. And most of us are inclined to change it, to solve it, to hate it and to fight it.
How about this week you’re going to be on the look out for the things that happen that you cannot change. They have happened already and that is just the way it is.
Now instead of giving it lots of thoughts, all you do is tell yourself that is happened, and you might not like it, but can you accept it and live with it? Yes you can! If you have trouble winding down, it might help to give yourself some time to focus on your breathing until your body and mind have calmed down.
Let me know how your week goes!!

New Weekly Mindfulness Workout

This week’s ‪#‎easynowmindfulnessweeklyworkout‬ is not going to be easy!


Mindfulness is about learning to sit back and to notice what’s going on in your mind. And this week’s challenge is to take a few minutes every day to do just that. Become that fly on the wall in your mind, having a good view of whatever thoughts are popping up. And that’s all!
No going into these thoughts and not pushing them away either.
Have a good week and love to know how the challenge is going for you this week!
Monique ☀💜☀#easynowmindfulness

New schoolterm


This week all my classes started again. An exciting and busy week which is also why I totally forgot to post the weekly Mindfulnes Workout. But here it is, it’s never too late too start!!

Creative Mindfulness:

Doing something creative is good for your brain and mental health. It also helps your brain to stay healthy as we’re aging. Some very good reasons to focus on your creativity!

This week try to do something creative everyday. You might want to pick up an old hobby or start doodling in a meeting (which can often help to stay more focused).

It doesn’t matter whether it’s an hour or 5 minutes, you don’t have to produce a masterpiece either, just do it!

I would love to see what you get up to!!

Easy Now Mindful Workout

I will now blog weekly to post a new workout.

You can take a whole week to practice a mindfulness workout. It is easy to do and easy to integrate in your daily life. If you have trouble remembering it, use sticky notes or your phone and set plenty different timers and use the agenda to plan it in. This will help to make it more of a new habit, too take time to take a break, to reflect and to be mindful. This can make you more relaxed, and generally more happy too! Every new habit takes some practice, but it will happen!

This week is about judging. This is something we all do, and we are built for it too! Ever since we  where roaming around, we had to be aware of danger and judge whether to hide or fight. We have however become so good at it, we do it all the time with everything. Which is good, as we have to make snap decisions in our daily life all the time, in traffic, in jobs, in childcare and what not.

Being judgmental only becomes problematic if we judge things negatively and when our judgments are not build on reality and facts. It can give us unwanted feelings and unpleasant interactions.

Long story to get to the workout this week but here it is:

Every day, as you go through your daily business, try to notice when you are being judgmental. Of another person, of your self, of a situation or an object.

That’s all, you don’t have to do anything else.

I would love to know how you get on with the workouts, feel free to let me know!

Have a good week!

Have you seen the news today?

Today we finish the 8 week Easy Now Mindfulness training at the Linden Social Centre. The best part is listening to how the training has made positive changes in the lives of my students!

Next the focus is on spreading the word about the upcoming classes in July. The 8 week training at Northland, Lower Hutt and Linden, Tawa. And also a new adventure, the 4 week Easy Now Mindful Parent training starting first at Churton Park, and next at Linden and Northland.

The article about me an Easy Now in this week’s Independent Herald can only help! Here is the link:

Time flies, live mindfully.

The current training is finishing in only two weeks. Where did time go?! Time can really pass you by sometimes! Mindfulness, in being able to focus your attention on being aware in the here and now, is so important to make the most of your time.

If you pay attention, you will remember. Isn’t it true, how the things that make you happy, are these moments where you feel alive and happy and proud when you really notice your loved ones and your surroundings right here, in the here and now?

Every morning I take my little dog out to the top of the street and this is a lovely way to start my day in a mindful way. As I have to do this any way, I might as well do this mindful and feeling all the better for it. What can you do more mindful today?