Finishing up this term …..

This term is going by so quickly!
I finished my training and now I am a facilitator for Pause Breathe Smile mindfulness in schools!! I’m also nearly done with my small business management training, I’m going to miss my classmates!
After saying goodbye to all the awesome  mums that finished the Mindfulness for Parents this term, I’m very proud of my 8-Week class in Lower Hutt, that are finishing Tuesday!💐
If you also want to rewire your brain for happiness, let me know!! Pm or email
Next term I’m running the class again, last one this year already, you don’t want to miss it!
I’m also running the kids Zendoodle & Colouring workshop again, Wednesday 13 July 10-12, in Tawa, limited places.
Mindfulness is a concentration training. If you get control over where your mind is going, you can control your feelings too! Start your training with little steps. Take a minute first, once a day, and all you do is focus your attention on your breathing and notice when the thoughts arise in your mind. You can say silently to yourself “thinking” and redirect your attention to your breathing. Waiting for more thoughts that will pop up. Maybe seeing your thoughts as clouds, just sailing by.
Have a great week,

10 reasons you should sign up now

I’m bringing my 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction to Lower Hutt again!!!
Here are 10 Reasons to sign up today:
1. Down to earth course.
2. By experienced psychologist.
3. Mindfulness is scientifically proven to work!
4. Manage stress.
5. Manage anxiety.
6. Manage depression.
7. Sleep better.
8. Be more calm and balanced.
9. Have more joy in your daily life, worry less.
10. Improve focus and attention.

# your problems, Weekly Mindfulness Workout

Good morning here is your Weekly Mindfulness Workout:
You might be inclined to solve problems by thinking about them over and over again. Sometimes this works.
And sometimes it doesn’t. There just isn’t always a perfect answer straight away, or there might never be a right answer. You just exhaust your brain, give yourself a headache, make yourself feel unhappy, anxious or upset. Often it is much better to acknowledge and accept that yes there is problem, for example something at work. Whenever thoughts about it, pop up in your mind, tell yourself ” there its is again, #work, I know” and relax yourself by focussing on your breathing for a bit and than do something else. Try it, it works!
Have the best week,
be happy!
You can practice Mindfulness everywhere! There is alway your breathing and there is always something worth watching or hearing or feeling!

And another Monday

Good morning!! Here is another FREE Weekly Mindfulness workout!
Mindfulness is training yourself to be more aware and focussed in the here and now. This present moment is the only moment you actually really have! Too often we are not in the here and now. Our body is already here, but our mind is wandering.
So here’s an easy and fun way to get you focussed in the present. You can also do this with your children.
Practice this a few times a day. When you are waiting for example, or when you are bored or even annoyed. Or just set your timer on your phone to remind you.
You’re going to ask yourself to:
Spot 5 different colours,
Look for 4 thing that you like,
Notice 3 things that are moving,
Find 2 things you can hear,
Take 1 deep breath.
Have a great week!

It’s February 29!!

Another free weekly mindfulness workout!
A bodyscan is a great way to meditate and relax. You can make it as long or short as you like. It can help distract your mind from your worries and make you more aware of what is going on in your body. We don’t usually take time to scan our bodies!
Start with 3 deep breaths, and focus first on your feet, and than focus on the different parts of your body. Your legs, your belly, your chest, your arms, hands, neck and shouders and head. You can make it longer by adding your face, mouth and eyes for example. Or do your left and right side separately.
This can be energising or it can make you fall asleep. Try and find out how this can be useful to you!
Have a great week!

Another week, another Free Mindfulness Workout!

Hi all, here is your Weekly Mindfulness Workout for this week!
This week it is back to basics! Pick one thing you are doing every day, and this week you are doing it while giving it your fullest attention. It doesn’t have to take long, it’s to get you started in your new habit of being more mindful in the here and now. This will help in giving your brain a break from continuous processing, worrying, planning, ruminating and anything else that might give you unwanted feelings or stress.
Use all your senses, focus your attention on all you can see, hear, smell, and feel.
Would love to hear how this is working for you, what are you doing mindfully this week?? For me it is hanging my laundry outside!
Have a great week!
(That’s not my own laundry on the picture by the way, can you guess who’s it is??)

Happy sunny Labour Day!

Good morning, are you home for Labour Day or heading out to work any way? My kids are all home, so I’m staying home too!

This week the Easy Now Mindfulness workout is about teaching yourself how to focus on being in the here and now. As most of the time, we might not be in the here and now! We might be thinking about things that have happened yesterday, or maybe about what’s coming up tomorrow, next week or even next year. This means that we often forget to enjoy life just as it enrolls right in front of you. With this workout you will make being in the here and now a new habit for yourself and every new habit takes some time to practice and might feel a bit strange at first but you will get it!

So here’s an easy practice, because I’m all about making mindfulness easy! Set your timer on your phone or iPod right now on two times a day when you are able to take 2 minutes to practice. A good time is when you have your morning or lunch break or for example when you’re on the way home in the train or whatever other time is easy for you.

In these two minutes this is what you do:
1. Notice three things that you can see around you, and in between you breathe in and out. This might go like this: ” I see the lamp, breathe in, breathe out, I see the dog, breathe in, breathe out, I see the flowers, breathe in, breathe out.”
2. Notice three things you can hear, and in between just breathe in and out.
3. Notice three things you can feel, and again breathe in and out once between each thing you can feel.

You can easily do this everywhere and this is also a fun activity to do with your children!

Remember this week Mindfulness for Parents is coming up in Petone as well as the Doodle and Colouring workshop in Petone where you learn how to zendoodle, colour, make mandalas etc! Here’s a cute pumpkin I doodled this weekend, and you can learn this too!
Have a good week and would love to hear back from you!