Available group bookings

The following courses are part of my repertoire and can be booked to be run at your institution, college, work, business, school etc etc This will benefit your team, employees, students and colleagues! 

The 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Rewire your brain for happiness!

This is an 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course. Sessions are one and a half hour long, all practices are included as easy downloadable links. This can give you the highest chance of really integrating mindfulness and it’s benefits into your daily life. If you are looking for a down to earth course improving your general wellbeing, look no further.

If you have done a short mindfulness training before, than this is a great extension course too! It is also suitable to refresh your knowledge and to get back into a mindfulness routine.

Mindfulness is the opposite of forgetfulness. It means to train your attention to be more focussed in the present. To learn to be in the here and now, with acceptance of what is here. And without a judging mind. This sounds easy, but once you try, it might be harder than you think!

Mindfulness can help in getting more joy in your daily life, and get more control over your mind. So you worry less about the past or future, and you feel better. You can learn to be more positive about yourself and to be more confident. When you feel better about yourself, you will also be more confident in doing the things you really want to do!

Mindfulness is scientifically proven to reduce feelings of anxiety, depression and stress. It can help with sleep disorders, chronic pain, etc etc. As a psychologist, I want to do something that is proven to work! I will explain how mindfulness helps in rewiring your brain, using the neuroplasticity of the brain You will learn about stress, why stress is unhealthy, and how to use mindfulness to reduce stress.

In the training you will practice different kind of concentration practices. You can discover what works for you, when it works for you, and what doesn’t work for you, as you know yourself best! Daily practices can very from not taking up any extra time at all, or from 5 minutes to 45 minutes.

You might also notice that your focus and concentration span is improving, and that you are becoming less forgetful. It can also help you to live less on the automatic pilot.

You will also learn how to get more control over what you think, feel and do. That way you are more able to give direction to your life, make wise decisions, handle tricky situations, and cope with stress. Mindfulness can help in calming your self down and getting a clear mind, able to respond effectively in any situation.

This is a down to earth, non religious and non spacey training. Suitable for everybody, from teenagers to couples and seniors!

This is a great personal development course and will  benefit your company.

Please email monique@easynowmindfulness.com to discuss your wishes.


•“Really loved this class, and got to meet some really nice, interesting people too. Including the teacher!”

•“Really enjoyed the mindfulness course, would highly recommend, thanks!”

•“Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed your mindfulness course :)”

•“practising mindfulness has improved the quality of my life, strengthened my relationships, and made me happier. I can’t recommend it enough.”

•“We have both felt the course very helpful and have enjoyed practising the meditations. It is great to notice the practice improving your day to day mental state and see real progress!”

•“The course has helped me to experience different ways to meditate and be mindful. The anecdotal stories and examples have also been beneficial. “

•“Thank you Monique for an excellent course, and for being a wonderful, caring teacher.”

Mindful parenting 

This is a 4 week mindfulness training with the added perspective of mindful parenting and is great value for money. Because I know when you are raising a family, you might need all the money that you get 🙂 I give all classes myself,  and I’m also a mum, of three teenagers.

The training is easy and down to earth and suitable for all mums & dads. These are one hour sessions. And this can be booked privately. Or you can host this training at your own house, no need for a babysit and get your friends to tag along. Just get in touch and we’ll discuss your wishes, you can email me on monique@easynowmindfulness.com.

This is an all round 4 week mindfulness course with integrated mindful parenting tips and exercises to make sure you are the best happy parent you can be!

Mindfulness can greatly improve your wellbeing:

•lowering stress levels, no more shouting,

•decrease anxiety, learn to regain your natural calmness,

•improve sleep, and how to get back to sleep after being up during the night again and again,

•worry less,

•get control of your mind and feelings,

•have more fun,

•enjoy the little things again,

•be less harsh on yourself, you’re doing a great job!

•improve relationships in your family.

•help your children discovering mindfulness, learn easy adaptable meditations,

•and so on!

You will learn short and practical mindful exercises for you and your children.

This is for mums and dads of children of all ages. This can also be of use for grandparents, and for mums & dads to be.

Feedback from my classes:

•”Thanks for a great course, Monique! You are a wonderful presenter and I really enjoyed how you organised the class. I got a lot out of it and endeavour to build up my mindfulness and share these ideas with my family.”

•”Thanks so much, it was great x.”

•”I could really notice how me being calm, helped in my child being calm.”

•”Now I can get back to sleep, instead of being awake most of the night, this meditation is such a big help.”

•”I really liked your Northland parenting course.”

•”I didn’t realise I might be expecting too much from my child, this is really helping me.”

Proud to be featured in Little Treasures Magazine November 2015!

Mindfulness for parents with children/teens

In these sessions you will:

  1. learn what mindfulness is and how this can help in your daily life.
  2. learn to practice mindfulness in an easy and down to earth way.
  3. learn that what we think, feel and do is all related and how mindfulness can help you in handling emotions.
  4. get more insight in how the brain works.
  5. practice creating a pause, which can help in making the right decisions about what to do next. 
  6. practice to respond wisely to situations instead of having a quick reaction. 
  7. grow your “attention muscles”.
  8. learn about different kinds of happiness, about how everything in the world is connected and how kindness is part of mindfulness.
  9. practice mindful parenting.

These sessions are 60 minutes each and can be booked by emailing monique@easynowmindfulness.com.

PBS Mindfulness for Schools and school workshops

Very happy to become available for schools in the Wider Wellington Area as a facilitator for the succesful “Pause Breathe Smile” Mindfulness for Schools program, developed by Grant Rix, for the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand. This course is suitable or primary and intermediate schools.

More information can be found here: https://mindfulaotearoa.nz/programmes/pause-breathe-smile/

If you want to know more about mindfulness for your school, why not book a team workshop mindfulness?

Here’s some of the feedback from the last workshop I did:

“…we found it very useful personally. I also found it useful for class and will use it in health.”

“I have had really positive feedback from the staff on your work shop. “

Here’s a video about meditation in schools: http://www.msn.com/en-us/video/peopleandplaces/school-replaces-detention-with-meditation/vi-AAjTHY0?ocid=sf

From the website of Mindful Aotearoa:

“Supporting children to practise mindfulness helps them to settle unhelpful thoughts and feelings and increases focus. It shows benefits like letting go of worry, anxiety and doubt, which has the potential to reduce mental health problems. Mindfulness also helps children develop kindness and curiosity, and improves their ability to learn. ”

“Our Pause, Breathe, Smile programme is an eight-week course, taught in New Zealand schools by trained practitioners.Throughout the course, students learn mindfulness practices such as mindful breathing, mindful eating and mindful moving.

In 2014, the MHF partnered with researchers from The University of Auckland and AUT University to study in greater depth the wellbeing benefits of mindfulness training on New Zealand school children. Preliminary results show significant increases in wellbeing, which were sustained three months after the completion of the programme.

Teachers’ observations indicated a general positive response, improvements in social interactions and a genuine sense of calm. This suggests the programme will help create a positive learning environment and will help schools meet the Education Review Office’s Wellbeing Indicators for Schools.

Importantly, findings so far appear to indicate that the level of the teacher’s involvement and commitment to the programme has a direct effect on the students’ improved social interactions and classroom behaviour.

Research shows mindfulness helps children and young people improve academically, through increased attention, improvements in short-term memory, ability to apply prior learning to new situations, increased creativity and development of independent thinking.”

“2013 pilot research with AUT showed mindfulness in schools:

•increased calmness

•improved focus and attention

•enhanced self-awareness

•helped with conflict resolution and the development of positive relationships

•reduced stress.

Many of these findings were observed in both students and teachers.”

Creative Mindfulness

Just relax and be creative.

You are very welcome to join our friendly and down to earth group.
Bring your creative projects and learn to practice mindfulness!

You can crochet, colour, zendoodle or do any creative thing you want to do!

Mindfulness & Crochet, beginners and intermediate levels available.

The repetitive movements of crochet help the brain make more serotonin, which can decrease tension and feelings of depression. We’ll move through all the steps from the starting slipknot to reading patterns and diagrams and making your first crochet projects.

You’ll learn to make a garden decoration, a granny square, a lanyard, change colours and how to increase and decrease. You’ll also find out more about the notations and abbreviations of crochet stitches so you can make those awesome crochet projects you’ve been waiting to make!

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to:
• Discuss the benefits of crochet for relaxation and alleviation of mood
• Read a basic crochet pattern and recognise crochet terminology
• Choose yarns and hooks for projects
• Use a range of stitches with confidence
• Complete at least one project of your choice (garden decoration, granny square, flower bookmark, key lanyard)

Suitable for all beginners, both left and right-handers and those who may have struggled to learn to crochet. Initial materials provided but bring along any yarn or crochet hooks you may have at home (don’t buy anything until you’ve discussed this with the tutor).

Sign up here for Tawa http://www.tawacomed.co.nz/Home

And here for Wellington http://www.cecwellington.ac.nz