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Hi and welcome to Easy Now Mindfulness!

I’m on a mission to make happiness easy for everyone! And I’m doing this simply, one kind word, one workshop, and one training at the time, using mindfulness and creativity!

I love mindfulness, I have seen how it helps other people like you and I use it myself everyday! And I especially love the combination of mindfulness and creative activities. Creativity makes mindfulness more fun, more easy and more joyful!

Why mindfulness? Because science!

  • Based on studies we know that mindfulness is effective in reducing stress and raises our levels of well-being and overall work- and life satisfaction.
  • Mindfulness grows resilience and emotional intelligence.
  • It reduces impulsivity and improves concentration and attention span.

I was born in the Netherlands and have also lived in the UK and the USA. Happy to have moved to New Zealand seven years ago with my family.

I got my psychology degree in the Netherlands and  that is also where I used to work. First in private practice, and in my last job I was working as a psychologist within a large mental health care organisation, working with adults with ADHD and/or Autism Spectrum Disorders. This is where I learned mindfulness and I also trained in EMDR.

In New Zealand I discovered my love of tutoring and working with groups.  I got my Adult Education diploma and started tutoring at the Wellington community colleges for adult education. I also recently trained to be a certified Zentangle teacher. (CZT36)

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🌷Healthy Mind, Happy Heart


  • For questions you can always email monique@easynowmindfulness.com, or phone or text 021 134 7541, happy to help.
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My secret hobby is yarnbombing.






I was happy to be on the panel in the Little Treasures Magazine!







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