Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout

Kia ora people!

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It’s Monday again and time for a new mindfulness challenge. Building on last week’s mindfulness workout.

Mindfulness is trying to bring your attention and awareness to this moment, in the present. The here & now.
Trying to focus on what is around you, and on what is going on inside you.
What can you feel in your body, how is your current mood, and what are the thoughts floating through your mind?
One of things that makes people vulnerable for depression and anxiety is their habit of black and white thinking. Using words like “always”, “never”, “terrible”, “endlesly”, “major’ etc etc. This is something to look out for in your way of thinking and expressing yourself, but also in other people. As it can be a clue that people have mental health issues and are feeling bad. Have a chat with them, ask how they are.

So this week, try to be mindful of any black and white thinking and find a way of expressing yourself in a less extreme and a more flexible and middle way.
There are lots of variations of grey in between black and white, go find them!
Your feelings and your mood will follow how you talk to your self and this is a way to get more control over yourself.

Have a good week, hope this was useful,
nga mihi,
Healthy Mind Happy Heart