Free weekly mindfulness workout

Kia ora! Is it Monday already?!
I was happy to present mindfulness workshops at the Tawa College last week and I’ll share with you one of the practices we did.
Mindfulness is bringing your full attention to the here and now, without judging. Focussing on what is here around you, but also on what is here inside of you. Accepting what there is, just observing. Thissounds a lot easier than it is!

An easy practice is to sit and put your hands palms down on your table/desk/laptop or on your legs.

First bring your attention to your breathing, just following your breathing one breath at the time.
Than bring your attention to your mind and every time you notice a thought popping up, or
passing through your mind, raise a finger. Continue until all your fingers are raised and than either stop, or start over again. Not going into your thoughts/discussing them or analysing, just noticing.

This can help in creating more selfawareness and breaking the spiralof being caught up in endless thinking/analysing/worrying/ruminating.

I also have heard people say that the moment they bring all their attention to their normally very busy minds, there is nothing! Which can be very calming and relaxing too!
And remember, thoughts are just thoughts, not facts, and half is probably nonsense 🙂
Have a good week,
hope this is useful.