Testimonials and frequently heard comments:

“practising mindfulness has improved the quality of my life, strengthened my relationships, and made me happier. I can’t recommend it enough.”

“Monique’s gentle manner and her wealth of experience makes for a perfect introduction (or re-introduction) to mindfulness. The series of classes really helps to establish your mindfulness habit and to get more joy from everyday life.” Happy for you to use my name on the quote. Thanks, Monique, for the classes! Kirsty Flannagan

“Really loved this class, and got to meet some really nice, interesting people too. Including the teacher!”

“Just finished your 8 week course last week and loved it.”

“Highly recommend it!”

“Thank you very much Monique – the course was super helpful and really enjoyable too.”

“Really enjoyed the mindfulness course, would highly recommend, thanks!”

“Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed your mindfulness course 🙂 Thanks very much, it was very interesting, informative and we felt like we grew through it, finding ways to relax and gain more space in life.”

“The whole course has been great and really helpful.”

“I’ve definitely noticed that being more mindful and intentional about my actions is really helping me to concentrate”.

“Thank you so much for sharing all these great practices in class – super helpful.”

“I have just done the 8 week course with Monique and highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to reduce stress in their lives. Initially I wanted to learn mindfulness meditation to feel less affected by stress, however the benefits I have experienced over the course are far greater than just this. From better sleep, to more present and joyful relationships, and generally being more aware of myself and needs. And it’s actually easy. There is a mountain of evidence as to the many benefits of mindfulness, and Monique presents this in a clear way and supports you to really implement the practices in your daily life.”

“Thanks for bringing Mindfulness classes to the Hutt Valley, I enjoyed them very much and will recommend them to family and friends.”

Here’s some feedback I got during my classes with many thanks to my students!!

  • It’s really relaxing.
  • It feels good to take a break.
  • It helps me to get back to sleep.
  • I love the walking meditation.
  • It helps to calm my mind.
  • I use it everyday.
  • I didn’t realise I had so many things going on.
  • I use mindfulness in my lunchbreak and now I really have a break and feel more energised.
  • I’m generally feeling less anxious now.
  • I noticed tension in my shoulders and I could feel it getting more relaxed.
  • First I thought it was so boring and now I find the 20 minutes meditation too short.
  • I could really notice the difference in just listening, and being busy thinking about the sounds.
  • I noticed being selfconscious.
  • I didn’t believe this would help me cope with my pain, but I must admit it really does help me!
  • I notice I’m generally a lot calmer.
  • I really like the short meditations.
  • I have so many rubbish thoughts!
  • It helps me to fall asleep.
  • I am loving your course.
  • I noticed how I can be pretty critical of myself.
  • I feel so much joy when I’m able to really take in all there is around me.
  • I feel less stressed by telling myself not to be judgmental.
  • I now notice when my thoughts are “the OCD” talking and have learned to stop going along with them.
  • I have picked up some very useful tools in this training.
  • I’m being more calm and it’s like I have more time now.
  • Great evening yesterday, could feel the buzz on the way back home. Looking forward to next week.

Feedback on a Mindfulness at the Workplace workshop:

“…we found it very useful personally. I also found it useful for class and will use it in health.”

“I have had really positive feedback from the staff on your work shop. “

Feedback on the Zendoodle and Colouring Workshops:

  • Was a great afternoon, really enjoyed it 🙂
  • Thanks for the workshop on Saturday i did enjoy it and i hope to be able to others in the new year.
  • I am so pleased I have used my iphone to create this while not actuall being on my iphone for two hours!
  • Thanks for your workshop yesterday, it was very enjoyable.
  • Wonderful workshop.
  • Thanks for the workshop on Saturday I did enjoy it and I hope to be able to others.
  • All three of us really, really enjoyed your workshop. ……..   it really made an impression.

Feedback on a Mindfulness & Children talk at a preschool:

“I just wanted to email you to say a huge thanks for Monday evening, we have received lots of really positive feedback from parents/attendees about the information you shared with everyone so we will delighted with the evening. I hope you enjoyed it as well and I would imagine that a few parents may well contact you to book onto one of your courses.  We hope to make the glitter bottles with the children next week which should be a bit of fun and have already starting talking to them about mindful eating and the ‘pause, breathe and smile’ technique so you have already had an impact on the well-being and mindfulness of our children. :-)”

Comments on my teaching

” … thank you so very much for such a wonderful course, you are a great great, patient and practical teacher.”

“Many thanks for your, patience, your creativity, your fun, and above all your professionalism.  You are an amazing and well researched adult educator.  Thank you you’ve inspired me to learn more.”

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