Crochet & Colouring

yarnbomb made by my crochet students

I’m a big fan of creative mindfulness. Often it is easier for people to do something creative to give their mind something to focus on.

It also relaxes the brain by getting in the rhythm and by the repetitions.

Being creative can free up space in your mind, so your mind is able to freely associate and come up with new ideas and new insights. I get my best ideas when I colour or crochet!!


Furthermore my secret hobby is yarnbombing. If this can bring a smile to people, it can help to get people back on the upward spiral to feeling better!







Every last Sunday of the month I facilitate an adult colouring group from 10 till 12 at our local community centre. This is a lovely friendly bunch of people!

Check out our next get together on the facebook page events here:


My learn to crochet for calmness & relaxation courses are run at the local community education colleges.

You can register on their websites here: