Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout and upcoming courses

Upcoming courses:
Intermediate crochet: 29 August, 7-9 pm. Tawa,Wellington NZ.
Sign up here:,Intermediate-Crochet-Wellington,2879
One day of crochet: 8 September, 10-4, Tawa, Wellington, NZ.
Sign up here:,CROCHET-A-day-of-relaxation,3373
Last week already for my beginner’s crochet classes! Luckily the Intermediate crochet starts next week!!
Don’t forget to sign up if you want to know all about shells, picots, textured crochet, popcorn, puff stitch etc etc!!
Saturday I was walking back to Wellington station from a teachers training and enjoyed my walk so much!! When you take it all in, all you can see up and down, all you can hear and smell, it is very relaxing and I always discover things I have never seen before!
So this week, whenever you are outside, be mindful!! Use your senses and focus on all you can see, up and down, all you can hear and smell. No need to judge, like or dislike. Just take it all in, be curious and wonder and wander!!!!!!
Post me some pictures of your finds too 💜
Have a great week,
Healthy Mind, Happy Heart
Look what I put together of my students’ trials for crochet!!

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