Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout

Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout
This week going back to basics!
Mindfulness is trying to bring your attention to the here and now, this moment. If you do that, you cannot be worrying about what happened yesterday, or what is going to happen next week, at the same time.
Also, yourwill start to enjoy your daily life more, because you notice more!
So this week, make an effort to bring your attention to the here and now when ever you can.
You will get distracted again, and that is fine.
The main thing is learning to notice that you got distracted, so you can bring your focus back to the here and now, IN A KIND WAY!
Have a good week,
Healthy Mind, Happy Heart

Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout

Crochet for Mindfulness has started!!

Private Mindfulness book here: Few time slots left.

Tawa All Good Colourers are meeting this Sunday, 10-12 at the Tawa Community Centre

This week workout is about worrying and overthinking.
First: Thinking, having lots of thoughts popping up, is totally normal, it is what the brain is made to do.
Second: Your brain pops up all these thoughts all the time, and thoughts are not facts.
Third: That means you do not have to take all your thoughts so seriously!
Try to become more aware of your thoughts, being more of an observer. You can practice this by taking some time to sit and focus on your breathing for a minute, and continue with bringing your attention to your toughts. Just noticing your thoughts, popping up, and disappearing again. Because they will pass, like clouds in the sky. You don’t have to analyse them, just notice them. This can improve your selfawareness and selfcontrol.
If you find it hard to stop worrying, try to think of something you can do to distract yourself with. Every time you notice you are worrying, say stop and distract yourself. Eventually this will be easier to do and your worrying will become less severe.
Have a great week,
Healthy Mind, Happy Heart

Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout and upcoming classes.

Mindfulness coaching: email monique on

Crochet for calmness starts 14 February in Tawa, sign up here:,Beginner-Crochet-Wellington,2433

Crochet for calmness starts 15 February in Wellington, sign up here:

Crochet for calmness Intermediate starts 14 March in Tawa, sign up here:,Intermediate-Crochet-Wellington,2879

roadWell hello again!

Finally back for the first Weekly Mindfulness Workout of 2018!

I hope you are all well, and that you had a nice break over the holidays.
We went exploring on a roadtrip through Northland, wow it is beautiful up there!
We tried some airbnb’s, did some camping in the rain and finished with the Bay of Islands and a stop over in Taupo on the way home.

To start the year of, this week’s workout is about noticing. Because that is what mindfulness is, bringing your attention to this moment, and notice what is here.
Trying not to judge too much, staying with the facts, just observing.

I try to do that especially when my kids are hanging out together, they are now nearly 14, nearly 18 and 19, so they don’t hang out that often, and they won’t live at home forever either
It is easy to just get on with my own things, without giving it much attention, however noticing them togethe,r makes me feel very happy.
So try this for a week, being mindful of where your attention is, and bringing it to the here and now and notice, take it all in!

Have a good week,


Healthy Mind, Happy Heart