Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout



Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout

URGENT: Email me today if you want to be in the last Creative MIndfulness course this year!!! >>>>
Starts Tuesday in Tawa, 7.30-9pm, mindfulness & creativity, the best combination for better wellbeing without having to sit still & meditate for hours 💜

Workout starts here >>>>>>>>>

I very much loved seeing my family and friends back home in the Netherlands. And eating all my favourite snacks!!! Peasoup, croquettes, liqourice, crispbread and tompouce!

Still I feel I lost some weight, though I never weigh myself 🙂
I blame my mindful eating!!

So this week, try to be mindful of your eating by asking yourself before you take your food out of the cupboard or fridge: How is this nourishing my?

You are your own expert on what food is good for you! And than decide if you will eat it, how much you will eat, or not.

Put it on a nice plate, or in a pretty bowl and eat at the table.

And when you eat, EAT! Enjoy, taste and do not do anything else but focussing all your attentention on eating.
Smelling, hearing and tasting your food all the way!

Have a great week, be healthy!

Healthy Mind, Happy Heart

Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout


Good morning from my last day in the Netherlands!!
I’m ready to come home after spending some lovely quality time with my dear mum, family and friends 💜
And of course I’m very much looking forward to start
another CREATIVE MINDFULNESS course this term on the Tuesday evenings!
We are colouring again with the TAWA ALL GOOD COLOURERS ON SUNDAY, and you can LEARN TO CROCHET again on the Wednesday evenings soon too!!
I have a Halloween giveaway coming up so keep your eyes open here!
Being back in the Netherlands I really noticed how the Dutch love to have opinions about everything! And they love to share that too 🙂
However, you do not always have to have an opinion about everything!! This is a natural habit of the brain, to be alert and figure it if there is a threat to us anywhere to be aware of!
So this week, try to be mindful about your daily doings, and try not to have an opinion. You are safe and free to just take it all in, notice, see, smell, feel, hear life just as it is.
Good luck! Let me know how this is goinf for you!!
I find it such a relief and freedom, to not have to have an opinion about everything, to feel free to just enjoy all the beautiful things around me and to just take it all in as it is.
Ngā mihi,

Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout


Wow holidays are over just like that, did you get to go away??

It’s easy to fall back into your daily routines and live on autopilot again after you had a break.
So this week, try to take a few times each day to check in with yourself, are you running on autopilot?
If you are, well done for noticing!
Just use your senses and bring your full attention back to noticing the here and now.
This moment is all you have right now, notice the positive things right here, and enjoy!
Have a great week,
Healthy Mind, Happy Heart

Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout


Hello and good morning!
Is it holidays in your home? It is in ours! When I start colouring, and I leave my colouring out on the table most of times, I usually find my kids start colouring too!
It’s relaxing and a great way to spend some time together.
For mental health awareness week there is a colouring competition and you can find it here:
So this week, get some colouring done, and you know it is not just for children, adults can colour too!
Have a great week, show me what you colour!
Healthy Mind, Happy Heart

Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout

nature is key

Yes you got it right, it is only Sunday and I’m a day early with the workout.
That is because I want to give you the opportunity to register for the Mental Health Awareness Week 2017 photochallenge today!!
Having something to bring your attention to, is a great way to break the downward spiral of wellbeing and change your brain and pathways into a happy brain.
Are you joining in with me??
Sign up here:
Post a picture every day on social media (make sure your post is public) and you might win!
Here’s the challenge per day:
Post a picture each day using our prompt. Each day one lucky person will win a prize! #MHAWNZ @MHFNZ @MentalHealthFoundationNZ
Oct. 1 – My view
Oct. 2 – Gratitude
Oct. 3 – Light
Oct. 4 – Water
Oct. 5 – Small treasures
Oct. 6 – Nature indoors
Oct. 7 – Bush walk
Oct. 8 – Art
Oct. 9 – Pop of colour
Oct. 10 – MHAW Lockout
Oct. 11 – Papatūānuku (Mother Earth)
Oct. 12 – Creature
Oct. 13 – Spring
Oct. 14 – Love my backyard
Oct. 15 – Nature is key to…
Go on, go for it!
Have a great week,
Aroha nui,
Healthy Mind, Happy Heart