🎈Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout 🎈

Good morning! We had a lovely morning colouring and drawing yesterday, if you want to tag along one Sunday morning, just join our group that I will post in the comments here on Facebook.
Tomorrow Creative Mindfulness starts!! 4 Weeks of starting or refreshing your mindfulnes, combined with spending time on your favourite creative projects. Email or pm now for more info, or for signing up!! Also, the crochet workshop is coming up soon!
And….it’s my birthday today 🙂 I will give away these rocks, just tell me who of your friends really rocks!!!! I will pick 4 winners by Friday!!
For this week, I challenge you to do something creative every day. Doesn’t matter what you do, or for how long, as long as you do it every day!! This will help in relaxing you and your mind, in slowing down, and use parts of your brain that you might not use so often!
Looking forward to see your projects!
Have a great week,

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