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Hope you had a good holiday weekend!
If you’re doing the Mental Health Foundation NZ photochallenge you’ll know that yesterday’s challenge was posting a picture of something you are grateful for.
So for this week continue with being mindful of/paying attention to, what is there around you, that you are grateful for. Try this as soon as you wake up, it can help in setting the right mood for the day.
Or set a timer to remind yourself, if you think you might forget.
The best thing is there is always something to be grateful for, even if it is the fact that you are breathing 🙂
As long as you are breathing, there is still more right with you than wrong! I think John Kabat-Zinn said that 💜
Have a great week!

✨🌲✨FREE mindfulness workout✨🌲✨

And now my holidays have begun!
If that is possible with having a house full of teenagers 🙂
Mindfulness Crochet has finished, and yesterday was the last meet up of the All Good Colourers for the year where we had a big group of people to chill!
For this week I got my inspiration from the lovely Ann who sells the gorgeous jamberry nail wraps!! You have to make a conscious effort to train your brain, to find the good everywhere, inside and around you. Your brain is wired to look out for negative cues, as that’s important for survival. 
So this week, you will do just that, find all that is good, pleasant, nice, pretty, enjoyable and give it some attention. Inside you, as thoughts and feelings, and outside of you. This will help in generally feeling more happy and will grow your resilience too.
Have a great week, 

Weekly Mindfulness Workout


Last week in school and Summer holiday begins!
Are you ready for it??
If you don’t feel the way you would like to feel, about yourself, or your life, maybe mindfulness can help. Being aware of your mind and emotions is the first step.
If you take a few moments every day to just sit with yourself, and bring your attention to your breathing, you will calm down. Use that moment to observe what is going on inside you. What are you thinking? What are you feeling? What can you feel in your body? Just observing, not judging. Often this can give you a lightbulb moment, a sudden understanding that when something is playing in your mind, of course that makes you feel that way. And that naturally will give you answers. You know what would be more helpful for you to do, or to say to yourself, so you will feel better.
Try it, it takes some practice, you can do this!
Have a great week,

Stop and listen, Weekly Mindfulness Workout.

And we’re in December!
Mindfulness Crochet is half way, and the monthly Colouring/Doodling is on Sunday 18 December, last one this year!!
If you want to keep updated about our colouring group, join Tawa All Good Colourers.
This time of the year there are lots of get togethers, and what I always notice at these occasions is that there is a lot of talking, and a lot less listening going on. So this week, try to be a little more mindful of your talking and listening. Pause, give the other your time and full attention. Try to notice the urge to interrupt or to talk just for the talking. Are you really hearing what the other person is telling you, or are you busy thinking about what you can tell?
Have a good week!