Weekly Mindfulness Workout

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Every week I post an easy workout to start integrating mindfulness in your daily life.
For this week, try doing something different than you usually would do it. You might get a new perspective, it helps you being more in the present and it helps to get out of the autopilot we are often on.
Being on autopilot can make you prone to having more negative thoughts and negative feelings, and we don’t want that!
So look at the week ahead, what could you do different this week? Maybe walk somewhere instead of driving, or taking a different route than your usual one? Or try holding your teacup in your other hand? Or try something different for your breakfast or lunch? Lots of things you can chose from, I’m sure you will find something!
Have the best week,

One thought on “Weekly Mindfulness Workout

  1. suzielock August 15, 2016 / 6:09 pm

    Thanks Monique, I love all your weekly updates, particularly what we are going through at the moment!! Hope all is well with you xxx

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