8-Week Northern Suburbs started again!

Thursday was the start of the last 8-Week Rewire Your Brain for Happiness course for this year. Meeting a bunch of lovely people that have committed to the full on 8 week course!

Not one of them joined because they had seen my flyers, not one of them joined because they had seen my endless posts on Facebook…..

Nearly all of them joined because someone, that had been to my class before, told them it was good! I am so grateful for that, this makes me super happy!

So a big thank you to you all, spreading the word for me.


Friends really are family!

Mindfulness helps in making friends with ourselves. It also makes you aware of how connected you are to others and to the world around you.
Did you know that best friends often look like each other, have similare beliefs, values and temperaments? It goes even further than that! Apparently you share about 1 percent of their genes, similar to you and your nephew or niece!! So friends really are family!
In busy times however, these very close friends might be overlooked more easily than others. As we know they will understand, and be there for us always. This week I want you to reach out to those friends you haven’t seen or spoken for too long. Make an effort and try to connect with three of them this week. I will too!
My 8-Week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction starts Thursday, I have a few spots left. I’m also doing a fun talk/workshop at the Peninsula Preschool tonight, looking forward to both!! Ask me anytime if you would like me to come to your workplace too!
Have the best week,


Well hello and good morning! When you practice mindfulness, you are training your attention to be where YOU want it to be.
You can train this by consciously directing your attention, noticing when you get distracted, and redirecting your attention. And remember distraction is normal!
A fun way to practice this, is to be more mindful of your surroundings. So this week, when ever you are outside, make an effort to have a good look around you. Noticing your surroundings as if you are seeing things for the first time, like a tourist. Look up, around, and look down. You might see things you have never noticed before! This also helps to be less distracted by the continuous train of thoughts you might have. You are breaking the cycle of being pulled into thinking automatically, which we do a lot.
And take some pictures too!
My 8-Week course starts soon, make sure to let people know about it. It will be the last one this year, I will be back in the CBD in February!! So you or your friends/family don’t want to miss it!
Have a great week!
I love this street art! I see new things here everytime I look at it!
I also love tiles, the colours, how they shine and reflect the light. Can you spot where this is?
There’s always something that flowers in NZ!

What do YOU need???

At last holidays! My kids have been ready for weeks for this 🙂
I’m running the holiday workshop Wednesday, ages 6+. We will be colouring/doodling/making quotes and making letters for the Love Letters project.
8-Week Rewire your Brain for Happiness, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, starts in two weeks!! Looking forward to it already! Thank you for telling everybody about it, I love my ambassadors <3
➡️This week, the only thing I want you to do, is to ask yourself as you get ready for the day, “What is it, that I need today?” Being mindful of you, how you are doing, and what you need to be physically and mentally healthy is super important! And put this on your agenda for the day. This can be going for a little walk, meeting up with a friend for coffee, or some down time with netflix, anything that is good for you will do!
Have a lovely week!
What do you need today?

Finishing up this term …..

This term is going by so quickly!
I finished my training and now I am a facilitator for Pause Breathe Smile mindfulness in schools!! I’m also nearly done with my small business management training, I’m going to miss my classmates!
After saying goodbye to all the awesome  mums that finished the Mindfulness for Parents this term, I’m very proud of my 8-Week class in Lower Hutt, that are finishing Tuesday!💐
If you also want to rewire your brain for happiness, let me know!! Pm or email monique@easynowmindfulness.com.
Next term I’m running the class again, last one this year already, you don’t want to miss it!
I’m also running the kids Zendoodle & Colouring workshop again, Wednesday 13 July 10-12, in Tawa, limited places.
Mindfulness is a concentration training. If you get control over where your mind is going, you can control your feelings too! Start your training with little steps. Take a minute first, once a day, and all you do is focus your attention on your breathing and notice when the thoughts arise in your mind. You can say silently to yourself “thinking” and redirect your attention to your breathing. Waiting for more thoughts that will pop up. Maybe seeing your thoughts as clouds, just sailing by.
Have a great week,