Weekly Mindfulness Workout

Are you doing things on automatic pilot at lot? Are you often busy in your head, thinking about the days and weeks ahead? Or going over and over again, about what has happened already?

If the anwer is yes, than unfortunately you miss out on a lot of things that are happening during the day. Things that are fun, beautiful, touching, nice, relaxing, lovely, awesome, delicious, and great! You are also more vulnerable for depression.

Luckily, with mindfulness, you can change this, by learning to live more in the here and now, and by living less on autopilot, so you have a happier life. Just by showing up for your life, right here, as it unfolds, by training your attention!

So this week, make a start by noticing when you are distracted. Noticing when you are running on autopilot, or just not taking in, what is right here.

8-week mindfulness stress reduction is back in the Hutt this term, pm me on Facebook, or look at the Facebook event for info or signing up.

Have a good week!



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