Weekly Mindfulness Workout

Sunday was a great day to chill at home, the library, or at a museum! How did you spend it?? I got through loads of laundry and finished some crochet projects I have been working on for Little Sprouts for some time.
The image below is of a creative installation in the Christchurch Art Gallery. It hangs in front of the wall, and the shadows are part of the artwork, it’s awesome. It’s different from every angle. And you know, you are just like that! A beautiful piece of art, you can discover something new, everytime you look!
Mindfulness can help you by increasing your self-awareness in a healthy way. Learn to observe your self, your thoughts and your feelings. Learn to embrace yourself with kindness and acceptance when things are rough.
This takes practice, but you can learn it! Just take one step at the time. To be able to cope with difficult emotions, you can try to focus on your breathing first. As this will calm your nervous system and that will help you to regain your zen. You get a clear mind and a better view to investigate what it is, that is upsetting you. Is it something that has just happened? Is it having some negative thoughts? Just take your time to focus on your breathing, and to investigate and coach yourself in a kind way through this.
Have a great week!

Happy Queen’s Birthday,

hope you are having a nice relaxed weekend. Did you go to Armagaddon? Or the NZ Art Show? Or maybe both?
Here’s another Mindfulness Monday Workout for you!
If you want to live a long, happy and healthy life, one of the things you have to be mindful of, is your stresslevels. You probably know that too much stress is bad for the body and mind, but did you know that not enough stress is also not recommended? You have to find yourself in the right stress frame, we actually need stress to perform best, but not too much! The ideal amount of stress is called eustress. We also need time to recuperate from stress.
So this week, see if you can discover a bit more about your stresslevels during the day. Are you mostly bored, and finding things too easy? Or are you constantly high wired, with not enough time to get back to healthy stresslevels? Or are you doing just fine, having a nice flow of stress for the best performances?
And if you think you have a busy life, see how you compare to our Queen, really interesting. Just enter your age and see what she was up to at when she was your age! Cool right??!! Here’s the link for it: http://www.keepingupwiththequeen.com
Have a great week,
According to the keeping-up-with-the-queen website, this is the queen when she was my age. However, thanks to a very attentive reader of my blog, this is not the queen, but her daughter Anne!

Selfcompassion in words and actions

I had to be in Christchurch on Friday. Doing the workshop to become a primary school mindfulness facilitator.
I decided to fly out on the Thursday morning and make it a long weekend away, just for me.
Because it is ok to look after yourself and do something fun just for you! Selfcompassion in mindfulness is not only being kind in your self talk, but also being kind towards yourself in your actions.
This week how about doing something kind towards yourself? You have every right to do that. It helps path your way to a happy life, where you feel good in yourself and towards others. Go on, give it a go! If it feels a bit unusual, that’s ok, all new things can feel a bit odd in the beginning. Don’t let that stop you!

Happy sunny Labour Day!

Good morning, are you home for Labour Day or heading out to work any way? My kids are all home, so I’m staying home too!

This week the Easy Now Mindfulness workout is about teaching yourself how to focus on being in the here and now. As most of the time, we might not be in the here and now! We might be thinking about things that have happened yesterday, or maybe about what’s coming up tomorrow, next week or even next year. This means that we often forget to enjoy life just as it enrolls right in front of you. With this workout you will make being in the here and now a new habit for yourself and every new habit takes some time to practice and might feel a bit strange at first but you will get it!

So here’s an easy practice, because I’m all about making mindfulness easy! Set your timer on your phone or iPod right now on two times a day when you are able to take 2 minutes to practice. A good time is when you have your morning or lunch break or for example when you’re on the way home in the train or whatever other time is easy for you.

In these two minutes this is what you do:
1. Notice three things that you can see around you, and in between you breathe in and out. This might go like this: ” I see the lamp, breathe in, breathe out, I see the dog, breathe in, breathe out, I see the flowers, breathe in, breathe out.”
2. Notice three things you can hear, and in between just breathe in and out.
3. Notice three things you can feel, and again breathe in and out once between each thing you can feel.

You can easily do this everywhere and this is also a fun activity to do with your children!

Remember this week Mindfulness for Parents is coming up in Petone as well as the Doodle and Colouring workshop in Petone where you learn how to zendoodle, colour, make mandalas etc! Here’s a cute pumpkin I doodled this weekend, and you can learn this too!
Have a good week and would love to hear back from you!


New week, new mindfulness workout, with a Dutch twist :-)

The first week of the new term has gone by quickly! I have been driving around hanging more flyers for the 8-week training that starts this week in Tawa and Northland and I hosted another Mindfulness Doodle & Colouring workshop, in Wadestown this time.

This week mindfulnes workout is about being kind and complimenting your self. This is a great practice to learn to grow your self compassion. This can improve your general feeling of self worth and confidence.

Everday I want you take a moment to really consider what you did well today, or thought well today, or felt well today and I want you to compliment your self with that achievement. Now this might feel a bit strange and “not like you” but every new habit always feels a bit unnatural and it will get easier for you as you practice.

To make this even more attractive to practice, I dare you to post your compliment to yourself in the comments and at the end of the week I will select one of you randomly and in a very Dutch way, will drop off some flowers for you! If you are in the Wellington Area that is 😉