Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout

When you practice mindfulness it can help you to achieve more!
Last week I had to step out of my comfortzone and rocked up last minute for Little Sprouts for an item on Seven Sharp!
I had followed the conversations in our
volunteer groups, and noticed that I was keeping quiet!! My mind came up with lots of reasons why not to go!
Being mindful allows you to step back and observe your thoughts and feelings. On Friday we really needed more people!! I took a deep breath, I waved my anxious thoughts and feelings away and jumped in the car!
So for this week, try to notice if you avoid doing things, because you have thoughts popping up telling you not to do it!!! Than practice mindful breathing, ta
ke a step back, reconsider and do it!
If you do see me on television this week, please be kind!
I had 10 minutes to get ready, grab my yarn & hooks and drive to the interview location!!!!!
All for a good cause of course, Little Sprouts!!!


Have a greate week!
Healthy Mind, Happy Heart
ps: watch the news item here:

Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout

And here we are in August, I noticed the most gorgeous purple magnolia tree flowering this week, it must be spring soon!
Mindfulness doesn’t mean that we cannot think about the past or the future. Sometimes is can be really helpful to do just that. However not when we are wide awake at night 🙂
You learn more about yourself if you have a curious and kind approach to why you do the way you do, or think the way you think, or feel the way you feel.
So this week observe yourself, and if anything has your interest, see if you can discover why you did what you did, felt what you felt, and why you thought what you thought.
Have a great week
Healthy Mind, Happy Heart

Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout and upcoming classes

Kia ora!

This week Beginner’s Mindfulness Crochet starts again, email me if you want join

I’m also volunteering to run a mindfulness for families course in Porirua, starting Tuesday and very excited about it!!

I had a very creative weekend this week!
Crafting day for Little Sprouts on Saturday and Tawa All Good Colourers on Sunday. Last one is every month and is some fun. You can see what we have been colouring this time below!!

Often I hear people say when they come to colouring Sunday, they haven’t coloured since the last session.
However colouring, like any other creative activity is very relaxing and gives your brain a good break!
I can tell by the deep sighs I heard yesterday at colouring!!!

THIS WEEK’S MINDFULNESS WORKOUT: So this week, get your favourite creative activity ready on your table. Make sure that every day, you do a little bit!

Looking forward to see your projects!!

Have a great week,
Healthy Mind, Happy Heart

Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout

Being mindful, being present with your full attention, doesn’t mean you have to sit still. You can be mindful whatever you do!
A nice way to start your day is to take 5 mindful breaths and combine it with an easy movement. So do this after you get up, or maybe after your shower or brushing your teeth.
Stand straight with your knees hip width apart, knees slightly bent and arms loosely to your sides.
Now as you breathe in, raise your arms all the way up. Pause and stretch up, and as you breathe out, lower your arms again.
Repeat 5 times.
This will only take a minute but can make such a difference to your day!
Have a great week!
Healthy Mind, Happy Heart

Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout

Term 2 has finished and school holidays have started.
Register now for the beginner’s and the intermediate crochet for calmness courses starting soon!
For Wellington register here: (only 4 places left)
For Tawa register here:,Beginner-Crochet-Wellington,2433
And Intermediate:,Intermediate-Crochet-Wellington,2879
>>>>>Workout starts here<<<<<<
When you practice mindfulness, you try to give your full attention to what is right here in the present moment. This sounds a lot easier than it it! We are often doing a lot of things at the same time, talking to our kids while checking our phone and cooking for example.
So this week, try to notice when you are doing a lot of things at the same time, and make a choice to focus on just the one thing, the one person and give it your fullest attention.
Have a great week,
Healthy Mind Happy Heart

Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout

It’s nearly the end of term 2!!
My Crochet on Wednesday is finished but I will be running a Mindfulness workshop for Porirua Active Families on the Wednesday instead and I’m looking forward to it!
This week’s challenge is to get some formal mindfulness practice in your daily schedule. Use your phone to set a timer for every day of the week and practice your mindful breathing for 3 minutes.
Just bring all your attention to your breathing, following your breathing as you breathe in, and as you breathe out. Is there a spot where you can feel your breathing the most?
Can you feel the cold air going in, and warm air going out?
You don’t have to change your breathing, you are breathing just fine.
If you get distracted, (and you will!!), know that this is normal. It’s great that you notice it, and just bring your attention kindly back to your breathing.
Focussing all your attention on your breathing can help calming the body and mind, and giving your brain a break from all that thinking!!
And it’s only three minutes, and you always have three minutes!!
Have a good week!
Healthy Mind, Happy Heart

Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout


Yesterday we had our monthly colouring, that is always something I look forward to. Join us at the last Sunday of the month in July!
It’s easy to have a week go by, being busy, and to forget paying attention to how we feel.
So this week, try to take a few moments to stop and breathe and bring your attention to what you are feeling. You don’t have to change how you feel, just notice it, do you feel it anywhere in your body as well?
If you find it hard to give words to your feeling, it can help to check if there is a bit of anger, of sadness, of happiness or fear, or any combination of these.
Notice what happens when you give attention to what you feel, does the feeling change?
Often we want to get rid of negative emotions a.s.a.p., or ignore them, or find solutions for them.
Acknowledging how we feel, or how someone else is feeling, is often the only thing we need to do, to be able to move onwards.
Will you give it a go?
Healthy Mind, Happy Heart

Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout

Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout.

Very proud of my students who finished the Learn to crochet for calmness courses last week!!! They made great progress!!
This week I will see some of them again at the Intermediate course, I’m excited!!

>>>>Here’s your workout for this week:
Your body and mind are connected. A great way to calm your mind is to calm your body first.
You can do this easily by bringing your attention to your breathing. Following the flow of your breathing as you breathe in and breathe out. This will naturally slow down your breathing.
Try it every day this week and see how you feel!
Have a great week!!
Healthy Mind Happy Heart.

FREE Weekly Mindfulness Workout

Intermediate Crochet for Calmness starts Wednesday 14 March. Details here:
Kia Ora,
Pfffff what a week, my husband fell with his bike and is still recovering, one of my friends came to stay and it was my birthday!
I had a great time teaching Crochet for Calmness on Wednesday and Thursday and can’t believe this week is already the last week of my classes!!!
Luckily I have an Intermediate Crochet starting next week 🙂
This week the workout is not going to cost you any extra time!
So no excuses not to join in!!
Usually when we walk, our mind is busy, and we forget to notice our body and our surroundings. Missing out on a lot of good stuff! By bringing your attention to your body, you will increase your body awareness. And your brain gets a good break from thinking and analysing!
So this week try to be mindful when you move around, which you do anyway! Whether it is inside, going up and down the stairs, or going to your work, or supermarket. Or when you walk from your office to your next meeting.
Everytime you walk from one place to another, you are going to be mindful.
Just bring your attention to your body first.
Notice your breathing, notice the sensations in your body, your feet on the floor, your legs moving you foward, your arms swinging etc.
Than bring your attention to all that is around you, what can you see, smell, hear?
That’s it, you can do this!
Have a great week,

Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout

Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout
This week going back to basics!
Mindfulness is trying to bring your attention to the here and now, this moment. If you do that, you cannot be worrying about what happened yesterday, or what is going to happen next week, at the same time.
Also, yourwill start to enjoy your daily life more, because you notice more!
So this week, make an effort to bring your attention to the here and now when ever you can.
You will get distracted again, and that is fine.
The main thing is learning to notice that you got distracted, so you can bring your focus back to the here and now, IN A KIND WAY!
Have a good week,
Healthy Mind, Happy Heart