Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout & upcoming classes

Term three starts this week.
I’m running two CROCHET courses and a MINDFULNESS FOR PARENTS & PRIMARY SCHOOL KIDS this term!
However the only one that still might have some spaces is this:,Beginner-Crochet-Wellington,2433

Also COLOURING for adults is this Sunday again at the Tawa Community Centre.

Mindfulness is bringing your full awareness to the here and now, in a kind, accepting and non judging way. You can use your senses to help you to come back to the present moment. Focussing on sounds is a really easy one that you can practice everywhere!
So this week, take a few moments every day to bring your full attention to what you can hear.
Sounds far away, sounds nearby.
Loud sounds, and quiet sounds.
Don’t look for sounds, just listen.
Do you notice how your mind wants to figure out what the sounds are? Is your mind judging the sounds? It’s totally normally if this happens!
Just bring your attention back to only listening to the sounds you can hear. You can silently label a sound “bird” or “wind”, that’s all you do.
Have a good week!
Healthy Mind, Happy Heart

Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout

Morena, here we are in May!!

My daughter is turning 18 this week, wow! That only shows how time flies by, just like that.
When you practice mindfulness, you try to bring your attention to the here and now.
You stop your mind from being busy thinking about everything that was, and from everything that is coming. You bring your mind to the present, and allow yourself to take in what is here. This helps to really enjoy the moment, as the here and now is really all we have.
So this week, purposefully take a few moments everyday to do this. Bring your mind to the present moment, and take in all that is here.
If you have little children, it’s easy to forget to do this, but you just must. They will grow up so quickly, you want to cherish these moments, so watch them closely, listen and smell, and enjoy that moment to the fullest.
Have a great week,
Healthy Mind, Happy Heart

Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout and upcoming classes.

Upcoming classes:

 Sunday 2 July: Tawa All Good Colourers, at the Community Centre 10-12.

Wednesday 2 August, learn to crochet at Tawa Community Adult Education

Monday 7 August: 8 week Rewire Your Brain for Happiness.

Tuesday 15 August: Creative Mindfulness.

 Email to register.


spiral staircase


FREE Weekly Mindfulness Workout.
I had a fun week, teaching mindfulness at Tawa College to teenagers and at the community centre to a younger age group.
I explained to the teens about how thoughts, feelings and actions relate to each other in every day situations. When I asked them if that was already known information, I was so surprised that this basic understanding of our wellbeing, was missing!
So one more time:
Our daily life is a string of situations up on situations. In every situation there will be thoughts popping up in our minds, we feel things in our body, have emotions and we will do something. Or we will avoid doing something.
This determines whether we are on an upwards way, in our spiral of well-being, or on a downward way.
By becoming more mindful of ourselves, and how we react in daily situations, we will get more insight in why we feel the way we feel. And that gives us the opportunity to make changes to what we think, what we feel and what we do so we make sure we get on the way up in this spiral.
This week take some time, to have a good look at where you are on this spiral. At the bottom, half way up, or are you generally feeling all good, standing at the top of your spiral??
Can you think of changes you can make, to keep going upwards? Or to stop from going downwards?
Have a great week, remember to register for the 8 week mindfulness that starts next term, (the above is part of this course). This is a great course for teenagers too! And not just for women 🙂
💜Healthy Mind, Happy Heart
ps, quiet for the storm. Tawa College session about mindfulness last Monday.

Upcoming classes & Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout

Upcoming classes:
Tuesday 6 June: Creative Mindfulness. 

Saturday 17 June: Mindfulness for Kids workshop

Sunday 24 June: All Good Colourers

Monday 7 August: 8 week Rewire Your Brain for Happiness

motivation paint peel
Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout
Queen’s Birthday, and drama’s in London. So much happening in the world always. Makes you appreciate your normal day to day life even more.
This picture is my go to motivation for life. I found it once in the States and have carried it with my back to England, to the Netherlands and now it’s here in NZ.
It makes me smile, it motivates me to do stuff, and it makes me feel good.
With mindfulness you train your attention when you give it something to focus on. This can be your breathing, or your senses, or a mantra, a word, a sentence.
What is your best motivational quote? What has helped you? What words make you feel good? What always pulls you through??
Let me know what quotes have helped you, and I will post them out on the page this week!
I have a few things coming up, mindfulness for kids, creative mindfulness classes and the 8 week mindfulness based stress reduction starts after the holidays too. Don’t forget to register!!
Have a good week,
🌷Healthy Mind, Happy Heart

Happy sunny Labour Day!

Good morning, are you home for Labour Day or heading out to work any way? My kids are all home, so I’m staying home too!

This week the Easy Now Mindfulness workout is about teaching yourself how to focus on being in the here and now. As most of the time, we might not be in the here and now! We might be thinking about things that have happened yesterday, or maybe about what’s coming up tomorrow, next week or even next year. This means that we often forget to enjoy life just as it enrolls right in front of you. With this workout you will make being in the here and now a new habit for yourself and every new habit takes some time to practice and might feel a bit strange at first but you will get it!

So here’s an easy practice, because I’m all about making mindfulness easy! Set your timer on your phone or iPod right now on two times a day when you are able to take 2 minutes to practice. A good time is when you have your morning or lunch break or for example when you’re on the way home in the train or whatever other time is easy for you.

In these two minutes this is what you do:
1. Notice three things that you can see around you, and in between you breathe in and out. This might go like this: ” I see the lamp, breathe in, breathe out, I see the dog, breathe in, breathe out, I see the flowers, breathe in, breathe out.”
2. Notice three things you can hear, and in between just breathe in and out.
3. Notice three things you can feel, and again breathe in and out once between each thing you can feel.

You can easily do this everywhere and this is also a fun activity to do with your children!

Remember this week Mindfulness for Parents is coming up in Petone as well as the Doodle and Colouring workshop in Petone where you learn how to zendoodle, colour, make mandalas etc! Here’s a cute pumpkin I doodled this weekend, and you can learn this too!
Have a good week and would love to hear back from you!


Petone Classes and more

This week I confirmed the mindfulness for busy parents classes at the Petone Comunity House as well as the Mindful doodle & colouring workshop. Very excited about new locations and working together with the local community centres!

Next schoolterm the 8-week training has been confirmed to start at the Norhtland Memorial centre for a second time. Lower Hutt and Linden still have to be confirmed but I’m optimistic about sorting this out the coming week.

I had a day a the Tawa Community Market and had some interest in flyers for all my classes which is great too.

Working at the moment on Mindfulness for seniors and extending even more in the corporate market, building my Easy Now Empire as my children call it 🙂

Have you seen the news today?

Today we finish the 8 week Easy Now Mindfulness training at the Linden Social Centre. The best part is listening to how the training has made positive changes in the lives of my students!

Next the focus is on spreading the word about the upcoming classes in July. The 8 week training at Northland, Lower Hutt and Linden, Tawa. And also a new adventure, the 4 week Easy Now Mindful Parent training starting first at Churton Park, and next at Linden and Northland.

The article about me an Easy Now in this week’s Independent Herald can only help! Here is the link:

All locations for the third school term confirmed

I have had a couple of busy days driving around Wellington to get the locations for the next school term ready. But happy it is all sorted now!

8 Week Easy Now Mindfulness Training will start next schoolterm:

  • July 28, Tuesday  20.00-21.30 at the Moera Community Hall Lower Hutt.
  • July 29, Wednesday 19.30-21.00 at the Northland Memorial Community Centre.
  • July 30, Thursday 19.30-21.00 at the Linden Social Centre Tawa.

4 Week Easy Now Mindful Parent Training will start next schoolterm:

  • Wednesday July 29, 11-12, at Churton Park Community Centre.
  • Wednesday, August 26, 11-12 the Northland Memorial Community Centre.
  • Thursday, August 27, 11-12 at the Linden Social Centre Tawa.

You can email to join or text me on 021 134 7541.

Each training is also posted as an event on the facebook page, just click the join button.

New training Easy Now Mindful Parent

My 8 week Easy Now Mindfulness training was more than fully booked for the evening and I had to turn people down. The morning sessions still had spots left.

I gather most people are either at work or staying at home with litte ones. And because I think mindfulness is a very useful skill to have as a parent, I wanted to offer a training for the stay at home mums & dads. And grandparents!

I’ve been busy working on this training for parents and under 4s. Today I got the location confirmed and the training will be at the Churton Park Community Centre, starting next school term, on Wednesday July 29, $65 early bird booking.

There will also be an Easy Now Mindful Parent training at the Linden Social Centre, starting Thursday August 27, 11.00-12.00.