Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout

Learn to crochet for relaxation starts 6 June, 7-9 pm Tawa Wellington.

Kia ora!
Last week before the long Easter weekend!!
Hope this means that you get some time for you!
By now you will know that I’m a big fan of Creative Mindfulness.
Mindfulness is meditation too, but often this
can be really hard, especially for busy people!! 
Being creative can be a great alternative.
Making something, gives your busy mind something to focus on. That can break the cycle of busy thinking about lots of things that only make you feel more stressed.
So, this week, come up with things that you could be making when you take the t
ime. And go for it!
Even looking for inspiration, can be relaxing!

  ☀     You can make this beginner’s crochet Easter basket here:

Have a good week!
Healthy Mind, Happy Heart

Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout

Upcoming: Colouring and Zendoodle at the Tawa Community Centre 10-12.

Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout
Kia ora, hope you had a good week!
Wednesday was the start of my Intermediate Crochet class which I really enjoyed teaching!!
This Sunday we are colouring again at the Tawa Community Centre, 10-12, so bring a friend and come to colour, zendoodle and chill with us!!
>>>>>Workout starts here:
Did you know that one of the attitudes of mindfulness is curiosity????
So this week, get curious!
Try to notice things as if you are seeing them for the first time, try not to judge, be open and accepting, and go!
It can help to ask questions and it is a great way to get to know yourself better too.
Have a great week,
nga mihi,
Healthy Mind Happy Heart

Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout

Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout.

Very proud of my students who finished the Learn to crochet for calmness courses last week!!! They made great progress!!
This week I will see some of them again at the Intermediate course, I’m excited!!

>>>>Here’s your workout for this week:
Your body and mind are connected. A great way to calm your mind is to calm your body first.
You can do this easily by bringing your attention to your breathing. Following the flow of your breathing as you breathe in and breathe out. This will naturally slow down your breathing.
Try it every day this week and see how you feel!
Have a great week!!
Healthy Mind Happy Heart.

FREE Weekly Mindfulness Workout

Intermediate Crochet for Calmness starts Wednesday 14 March. Details here:
Kia Ora,
Pfffff what a week, my husband fell with his bike and is still recovering, one of my friends came to stay and it was my birthday!
I had a great time teaching Crochet for Calmness on Wednesday and Thursday and can’t believe this week is already the last week of my classes!!!
Luckily I have an Intermediate Crochet starting next week 🙂
This week the workout is not going to cost you any extra time!
So no excuses not to join in!!
Usually when we walk, our mind is busy, and we forget to notice our body and our surroundings. Missing out on a lot of good stuff! By bringing your attention to your body, you will increase your body awareness. And your brain gets a good break from thinking and analysing!
So this week try to be mindful when you move around, which you do anyway! Whether it is inside, going up and down the stairs, or going to your work, or supermarket. Or when you walk from your office to your next meeting.
Everytime you walk from one place to another, you are going to be mindful.
Just bring your attention to your body first.
Notice your breathing, notice the sensations in your body, your feet on the floor, your legs moving you foward, your arms swinging etc.
Than bring your attention to all that is around you, what can you see, smell, hear?
That’s it, you can do this!
Have a great week,