Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout


How are you feeling? Busy running up to Christmas and holidays, or slowing down?
I’m slowing down, all my courses have finished! Sometimes slowing down can make you vulnerable to getting negative thoughts. So it’s a good thing to know that your thoughts are just thoughts! Your brain is wired to shoot up random thoughts all the time, and you don’t have to take them too seriously!!
Thoughts will pop up, and they will go away again. If you do not give them any attention they will just dissappear again. If you do give them attention, they will lead to lots of similar thoughts.
This week take some time to just sit, bring your attention to your breathing for a couple of breaths and than bring your attention to your mind.
Look at the thoughts that are popping up, just notice them. They will linger for a bit, and than disappear, as new thoughts appear in your mind.
Just as clouds in the sky, you see them, they go by and than they disappear again.
Try this and let me know how you are!
Have a great week!
Healthy mind, happy heart

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