Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout



Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout

URGENT: Email me today if you want to be in the last Creative MIndfulness course this year!!! >>>>
Starts Tuesday in Tawa, 7.30-9pm, mindfulness & creativity, the best combination for better wellbeing without having to sit still & meditate for hours 💜

Workout starts here >>>>>>>>>

I very much loved seeing my family and friends back home in the Netherlands. And eating all my favourite snacks!!! Peasoup, croquettes, liqourice, crispbread and tompouce!

Still I feel I lost some weight, though I never weigh myself 🙂
I blame my mindful eating!!

So this week, try to be mindful of your eating by asking yourself before you take your food out of the cupboard or fridge: How is this nourishing my?

You are your own expert on what food is good for you! And than decide if you will eat it, how much you will eat, or not.

Put it on a nice plate, or in a pretty bowl and eat at the table.

And when you eat, EAT! Enjoy, taste and do not do anything else but focussing all your attentention on eating.
Smelling, hearing and tasting your food all the way!

Have a great week, be healthy!

Healthy Mind, Happy Heart

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