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Upcoming classes:

Monday 7 August: 8 week Rewire Your Brain for Happiness, MBSR in Churton Park.

Tuesday 15 August: 6 week Creative Mindfulness in Tawa.

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And another week has passed! This week I’m teaching learn to crochet at the Tawa College which is fully booked, very excited about that 🙂
Next week the 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction starts in Churton Park, I have places left here!!
Learn how what you think, feel and do is all related, and how you can use this information to generally feel better!!
Great for beginners and for those who have done some mindfulness or meditation before.
Some people have made my course into their date night before, so yes great for couples!
I have had parents with teenagers in my class before, so great for teenagers too!
>>>>> Free workout starts here <<<<<
Although going outside into nature is a great way to relax and feel better, you might not always take the time to do that.
An easy way to have a little break at home or at work, is to just put your timer on 1 or 2 minutes, close your eyes and bring your full attention to your breathing.
Just follow your breathing from the inbreath, to breathing out again.
Yes, you will get distracted and that is totally normal!! Just bring your attention back to your breathing every time you notice you get distracted.
Mindful breathing puts the break on the part of the nervous system that gets us ready to fight or run away. It helps in calming the body and giving the brain a break.
If 1 or 2 minutes is too long, just start with a shorter period. Sometimes it can help to just count your breathing, and maybe taking 3 mindful breaths is a great way to start!
Have a great week,
🌷Healthy Mind, Happy Heart

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