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Upcoming classes:

23 May: Creative Mindfulness. Down to earth and friendly weekly classes to learn mindfulness and be creative. Crochet, zendoodle, colour, knitting, origami, no artistic talents needed! So you look after your wellbeing in a fun way and stress less!

28 May: All Good Colourers, a monthly koha meet up for adults to colour, doodle and chat.

7 August: 8 week Rewire Your Brain for Happiness, MBSR training. This succesful mindfulness training is for beginners and for those who have done a short training before. Integrate mindfulness into your daily life and get 10+ downloadable exercises to practice at home. Down to earth class.


Happy Monday morning! Tomorrow is already lesson 3 of the creative mindfulness! You can still tag along!
Last week was filled with mixed emotions. Happy to see my girl having her fun birthday party, and watching my son starting his sports.
And also a sad week, of many people that passed away. Which can make us think of other people we have lost before too.
I always have to catch my self, as my mind easily gets on the train of more sad thoughts and memories, and I have to stop myself from getting on that train too much!
Mindfulness can be a good help in learning to sit back and observe what is popping up in your head, observing the emotions that come and go. So that we can decide where to go, what thoughts to pursue, and what thought to let go.
As you don’t have to finish the thoughts that pop up in your mind, and you don’t have to get on the train to all the other thoughts that this one thought might lead you too. You can choose!
So this week, try to be more mindful of where your thoughts are taking you. And see if you can take a pause to decide if you want to go on that train, or if you are going to let it pass.
Have a great week!
🌷Healthy Mind, Happy Heart.

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