Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout

Upcoming classes:

9 May: Creative Mindfulness. Down to earth and friendly weekly classes to learn mindfulness and be creative. Crochet, zendoodle, colour, knitting, origami, no artistic talents needed! So you look after your wellbeing in a fun way and stress less!

28 May: All Good Colourers, a monthly koha meet up for adults to colour, doodle and chat.

7 August: 8 week Rewire Your Brain for Happiness, MBSR training. This succesful mindfulness training is for beginners and for those who have done a short training before. Integrate mindfulness into your daily life and get 10+ downloadable exercises to practice at home. Down to earth class.


Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout
Wow our daughter turned 17 this weekend, amazing how time flies.
It’s so important to train yourself to live more in the present moment, so you really take in all that is happening in your daily life!! Because one day you turn around and those little kids have turned in tall adults 🙂
This week try to bring yourself back to the present moment whenever you notice you are distracted from being fully present. You can be distracted by things like your phone, sounds, or your own thinking. Try to catch your self sooner, every time you have wandered off, away from the here and now.
It can help to silently say all that is present, all you can see, hear, feel, smell, taste right here in front of you, to keep your mind focussed on where you are right now, here in this moment.
This will get easier as you practice more. And as you get less distracted by your thoughts, you will also get less vulnerable for negative thinking and negative feelings.
Have a great week,
Heatlhy Mind, Happy Heart

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