Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout

Upcoming classes:

9 May: Creative Mindfulness

28 May: All Good Colourers

7 August: 8 week Rewire Your Brain for Happiness MBSR training


Free weekly mindfulness workout
Fun colouring yesterday with the Tawa All Good Colourers! Hope you can join us next time, 28 May!!
Next week Tuesday 9 May the weekly Creative Mindfulness starts again! 7.30-9pm, learn some mindfulness and be creative in a friendly and down to earth class. Learn to crochet, zendoodle, origami or bring your own projects to work on.
Workout starts here>>>
Mindfulness helps to be more aware of what’s going on in your mind. Our brain is wired to focus on everything that could be a possible threat and isn’t naturally inclined to focus on the good stuff. However, if we are not mindful of the good stuff, it is hard to feel good about ourself and our lives. So you have to train your brain, to take in all that’s good around us.
So this week, try to notice when you are thinking about negative or neutral things, and bring your attention to all that is good right here in this moment.
Hope you have a great week,
🌷Healthy Mind, Happy Heart.

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