Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout

It’s nearly holidays! I will run a Mindfulness workshop for KIDS on the Thursday morning, let me know if you are interested!!
When you practice mindfulness, you will learn to notice all the chitter chatter going on in your mind, and that is great!
This gives you the opportunity to sit back and let it be just that, inner chatter!!
You don’t have to take every thought that pops up in your mind so serious!
You might also notice how easily one thought leads to another thought and how your feelings follow your thoughts along.
This week take some time every day to just sit and watch that inner chatter. Don’t analyse it, just notice.
Your mind can be like a snowglobe, if you put it down, the glitter will settle like your mind will settle if you just take a break and watch it!
Making a glitter jar is a great way to explain this to children, and watching the glitter settle can have a very calming effect on children.
Here’s an easy way to make one. Show me your picture if you make one! This is also where the picture above is from.
Have a great week,
Healthy Mind Happy Heart

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