Weekly Mindfulness Workout


Weekly Mindfulness Workout

Great fun at the Mindfulness Crochet Workshop this weekend!

You are welcome to tag along to the Tuesday evenings Creative Mindfulness Sessions to learn some mindfulness, be creative, relax and increase your general wellbeing! 
Email me on monique@easynowmindfulness.com for more info about this.

This week I’m giving away even more from my Rewire your Brain for Happiness course!!!
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Have a great week,
Healthy Mind, Happy Heart

The A B C of mistakes most people make when they feel bad. Recognise any?

A. Attributing success to others and other factors, instead of to yourself. However you are very good at unnecessary attributing any failure to yourself.

B. Black and White thinking. There are so many shades of grey in between!

C. Catastrophising, make things, events, people in your life, a lot worse than they really are.

D. Doom thinking, the worst scenario is always going to happen for you.

E. Eternalising: I’m never going to learn this.

F. Fortune telling and crystal ball gazing: I will not like it there.

G. Goal hunting. Always finding new goals to works toward and forgetting to enjoy and be proud of what you have accomplished.

H. Hoping for change. You cannot change the other person, or the past. You have to find the solutions to feeling good in yourself.

I. I should…. I should not…A big list of rules you have made up, and whenever you break the rules, you feel bad. These thoughts will get you stressed straight away.

J. Judging! Feeling bad because we’re being judgemental, I failed the exam, I’m just not good enough.

K. Keeping it real! We tend to take our thoughts very seriously and often forget to cheque. Is it really true what you are thinking? Is this a fact? Proven by science? Have you got the right information to make decisions or to think this way? Do these thoughts make you feel bad? Than your thoughts are probably not realistic!

L. Laughing is healthy! Do not forget to smile! Humour helps getting through life a lot more than anger does!

M. Mind-reading, thinking that you know what the other person is thinking.

N. Nothing & never. Generalising,: This is hard, nothing is every easy in my life.

O. Over-estimating the chance that something will happen.

P. Placing value, you tend to put more value on negative things/feelings/experiences. You put less value on to positive things/feelings/experiences.

Q. Questioning. Do not forget to ask your self if your thoughts help to reach your goal? If the answer is no, the thought is not a helpful one.

R. Rebels, always opposing others, or blaming other people. Can your way of thinking bring you into conflict with others?

S. Self-talk.You tend to be very hard and negative on yourself, in ways you would never talk to your children or friends or partner. We all have self talk, and it is good to sit back and have a good look at it, and make sure you are kind to yourself.

T. Tut tut tut……Shame! The only thing that reverses shameful feelings, is to own your story.! That way there is no space for shame.

U. Utterly perfection, not accepting anything less form yourself and others.

V. Viewing yourself as less worthy than others. You are not!

W. What ifs: Always thinking “what if…” and making yourself feel miserable.

X. eXaggerating events, things, feelings and making it worse for yourself.

Y. You always blame yourself for thinks that go wrong.

Z. zzzzzzz Not getting enough sleep makes you cranky and prone to negative thinking and bad feelings.


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