Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout

✨Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout✨
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Sleep like a baby, don’t we all want that!!
It’s easier than you think!
1. Avoid bright lights and screens at least an hour before you want to get to sleep.
2. Avoid any coffee/tea after the afternoon.
3. Make sure you get some exercise during the day. You can easily get some more steps in by parking further away, getting off the bus at an earlier stop for exeample.
4. Know that everybody skips a night sometimes, it’s totally normal and nothing bad happens if you do.
5. It’s also very normal to wake up a couple of times during the night, reassure yourself that you will just fall asleep again.
6. The main things that keeps us awake: thoughts! Make your to-do list well before bed time, plan a time to sit or write about whatever needs your attention, so there is no need to ruminate about it in bed.
7. No problem ever is as bad in the morning after a good night, as we think it is, in the middle of the night. Your night time is for sleeping, daytime is for analysing and planning.
8. Remove distractions from bed/bedroom and keep your bed for sleeping, not for watching telly, phoning friends or crafting 🙂
9. Make yourself as comfortable as possible in your bed.
10. Bring your attention to your breathing and just follow your breathing as you breath in and out.
Notice your abdomen rise and fall.
If you notice you get distracted by thoughts, sounds or what ever, just acknowledge it by silently saying “wandering” and bring your attention back to your breathing. It is absolutely normal that you will do this a lot of times!
11. Add some extra relaxation and focus by bringing your attention to your body, just scanning your body slowly from feet to legs, upper body, arms, hands and head. Notice any tension anywhere, relax, and go back to just following your breathing. If you find this hard to do by yourself, download a meditation app on our phone and use it. Insight Timer is my favourite app!
12. You will fall asleep.

What works for me, might not work for you, we are all different. That’s why I always encourage you to discover what is best for you as you know yourself best!
For me, what gets me to sleep, is focussing on breathing & sounds. Works everytime.

D0n’t give up if this is not working the first night, practice makes perfect!
Have a great week!

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