Weekly Mindfulness Workout


Oh my where did the week go, it flew by!! All my kids are back in college and uni and we went camping for 2 days. New Zealand you are so beautiful!! And stunning sunsets everyday!
Anyway don’t forget:
☀️Mindfulness Crochet Workshop, learn to crochet & the basics of mindfulness. Starts this Saturday 11 February.
☀️☀️8-week Rewire your Brain for Happinesss course starts 22 February. Increase your general wellbeing and resilience, sleep better, and reduce stress, anxiety, depression. Down to earth, this is not a therapy group.
Maybe tag that friend that might be interested??!!
This week try to take some set moments during the day to be fully aware in the present. Easiest is to pick something you’re doing everyday, like lunch, and make that your clue to bringing yourself back to just being here in the moment. Just paying attention to all you can see, hear, feel, taste right there in the here and now. This will help to stop your brain from sending out an ongoing train of thoughts about what has been or what will be. It gives your brain a break and can help stop feeling low.
Have a great week,
ps, we saw this handsome one at Cape Palliser, gorgeous!

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