🎈Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout 🎈

Good morning! We had a lovely morning colouring and drawing yesterday, if you want to tag along one Sunday morning, just join our group that I will post in the comments here on Facebook.
Tomorrow Creative Mindfulness starts!! 4 Weeks of starting or refreshing your mindfulnes, combined with spending time on your favourite creative projects. Email or pm now for more info, or for signing up!! Also, the crochet workshop is coming up soon!
And….it’s my birthday today 🙂 I will give away these rocks, just tell me who of your friends really rocks!!!! I will pick 4 winners by Friday!!
For this week, I challenge you to do something creative every day. Doesn’t matter what you do, or for how long, as long as you do it every day!! This will help in relaxing you and your mind, in slowing down, and use parts of your brain that you might not use so often!
Looking forward to see your projects!
Have a great week,

🌷Free weekly mindfulness workout


Last week I was lucky to be teaching children mindfulness. I noticed how many kids mentioned that they felt tired!! We often ignore that feeling, and when we do take a break or meditate we can really feel the tiredness.
I found this really cool link that I posted below, and I challenge you to have a look, and find what you can do everyday, to make sure you stay energised, or to increase your energy levels.
Looking forward to hear what works fo your best!! For me drinking water, and being outside always makes me feel more fit.
Remember the 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reductions starts this Wednesday in the CBD! Tawa All Good Colourers are meeting again on Sunday.
Have a great week!

Free weekly Mindfulness workout



It was nice to have a taste of Summer this week, and especially to hear the cicada’s again!!
This week I noticed that I was running a bit too much on autopilot. Even though it’s amazing that our body can do all sorts of things, while our minds are miles away, it is not always healthy.
If you are doing things on the autopilot, like driving, showering, eating etc etc, we miss out on what is happening right here in the present. We don’t taste our breakfast, we miss out on seeing our beautiful green surroundings, or we miss seeing our kids playing nicely.
When your mind is elsewhere, it’s often ruminating, planning, worrying and so on. Which makes us very vulnerable for all sort of unpleasant feelings.
So this week, try to discover when you are doing things mindfully, or whether you are running on autopilot. Once your realise you are on autopilot, bring your self back to the present, focus on your surroundings, use your senses.
Have a great week,

Weekly Mindfulness Workout


Oh my where did the week go, it flew by!! All my kids are back in college and uni and we went camping for 2 days. New Zealand you are so beautiful!! And stunning sunsets everyday!
Anyway don’t forget:
☀️Mindfulness Crochet Workshop, learn to crochet & the basics of mindfulness. Starts this Saturday 11 February.
☀️☀️8-week Rewire your Brain for Happinesss course starts 22 February. Increase your general wellbeing and resilience, sleep better, and reduce stress, anxiety, depression. Down to earth, this is not a therapy group.
Maybe tag that friend that might be interested??!!
This week try to take some set moments during the day to be fully aware in the present. Easiest is to pick something you’re doing everyday, like lunch, and make that your clue to bringing yourself back to just being here in the moment. Just paying attention to all you can see, hear, feel, taste right there in the here and now. This will help to stop your brain from sending out an ongoing train of thoughts about what has been or what will be. It gives your brain a break and can help stop feeling low.
Have a great week,
ps, we saw this handsome one at Cape Palliser, gorgeous!