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Important dates to remember:
-> 11 February: Mindfulness Crochet Workshop, learn to crochet & the basics of mindfulness.
-> 22 February: Start of the 8-week Rewire your Brain for Happinesss course, increase your general wellbeing and resilience, sleep better, and reduce stress, anxiety, depression. Down to earth, this is not a therapy group.
Remember that I also can come to any workplace to deliver talks, workshops and courses about mental health, stress, mindfulness, mindful parenting, mindful teaching, creative mindfulness, hands on colouring/zendoodle etc etc.
Yesterday we met again at the Tawa Community Centre for our “All Good Colourers” get together. It was very relaxed and a lovely group all together 💜
Mindfulness Workout:
In the 8-week training you will also learn that thougths are just that, only thoughts. They pop up in your brain all the time. Like blowing bubbles in the sky.
With mindfulness we can learn to observe these thoughts, and realise that they are just thoughts. We can decide for ourselves what to do with these thoughts. We can just let them go by, or we can take a closer look at them, with a kind and curious attitude.
You will sometimes find that if you take a close up look at a thought this brings an unwanted feeling, the thought seems to loose it’s grip on you and the negative feelings will pass.
This week try to be more of an observer, taking some moments to just see what pops up in your brain, and see your thoughts as just thoughts, that you don’t have to take so serious. It’s your choice.
Have a lovely week,

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