🌷FREE Weekly Mindfulness Workout 🌷


We are half way January and I find the days are flying by in the holidays without actually achieving that much. Which is good as I just take every day as it comes, being mindful of just keeping myself in the here and now, to balance my mood levels. However I do want to make an effort to get a few more things done!!
So for this week, I hope you join me in the mindfulness workout:
As you wake up in the morning, take a minute to focus on your breathing, to settle your mind. Than find that one thing you really want to achieve today. Do not take more than one thing and it has to be a realistic goal. “I want to tidy my house” is not very realistic and too much and not specific enough. Better is ” I will tidy my desk today.” Which I really really have to do!!
(I might post a picture of my desk, I bet yours is way better organised!!!)
Have a great week, and start your days well!!

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