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Whether you are back at work today, or still at home, we all need a break. The best reason for workaholics to take breaks is that they are even more productive after a break 😉
When you’re mindful of yourself, you will notice when you need a break. And you also know what you need to have that break. 
Have you figured out what relaxes you? It doesn’t matter what works for others, what matters is what works for you! Do you like being with others, or prefer to be by yourself? Does it relax to do just nothihg, or do you relax by doing something? Can you chill at the office or at home, or do you have to go outside?
Use this week to figure out what helps you to reset yourself, what gives your brain and body a break? And how can you make sure you get enough breaks to keep going? Sometimes it is just a sticky note on your bedroom door, and a colouring book for 10 minutes! I love going out for a walk, or sitting on a bench watching people going by, listening and smelling and just being, nowhere to go. I like my meditations and I like browsing all sorts of shops. It stops my mind from worrying, and brings me back in the here and now. It gives me more energy and more clarity and makes me a nicer mum too!
Have a great week,

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