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Important dates to remember:
-> 11 February: Mindfulness Crochet Workshop, learn to crochet & the basics of mindfulness.
-> 22 February: Start of the 8-week Rewire your Brain for Happinesss course, increase your general wellbeing and resilience, sleep better, and reduce stress, anxiety, depression. Down to earth, this is not a therapy group.
Remember that I also can come to any workplace to deliver talks, workshops and courses about mental health, stress, mindfulness, mindful parenting, mindful teaching, creative mindfulness, hands on colouring/zendoodle etc etc.
Yesterday we met again at the Tawa Community Centre for our “All Good Colourers” get together. It was very relaxed and a lovely group all together 💜
Mindfulness Workout:
In the 8-week training you will also learn that thougths are just that, only thoughts. They pop up in your brain all the time. Like blowing bubbles in the sky.
With mindfulness we can learn to observe these thoughts, and realise that they are just thoughts. We can decide for ourselves what to do with these thoughts. We can just let them go by, or we can take a closer look at them, with a kind and curious attitude.
You will sometimes find that if you take a close up look at a thought this brings an unwanted feeling, the thought seems to loose it’s grip on you and the negative feelings will pass.
This week try to be more of an observer, taking some moments to just see what pops up in your brain, and see your thoughts as just thoughts, that you don’t have to take so serious. It’s your choice.
Have a lovely week,

🌴Free Weekly Mindfulness Workout 🌴


I hope you got a few more things done with last week’s workout! It certainly helped me to move from holiday mode to getting ready for school mode 🙂
This week it’s back to basic. Mindfulness is practicing being more aware in the here and now, and that means you have to practice it as usually we forget to focus on being in the here and now. As usualy we are always thinking about loads of things. About what happened yesterday, or what didn’t happen. About tomorrow, next week, or next year. And that takes us away from what is happening right here in front of you. Which is sad as we only live each moment only once, so you might want to be there before it’s passed again 😉
So this week try to train yourself to give more attention to the here and now. This might not make you happy straight away, sometimes the best thing it does, is just giving your mind and heart a break from the sad and bad things happening in your life. Even so, it can help you to cope better with what is going on.
Have a great week, don’t forget colouring is on this Sunday again,
and the Crochet workshop and 8-week mindfulness start in February!
ps. Picture is a zen circle with Thich Nhat Hahn’s writing.

🌷FREE Weekly Mindfulness Workout 🌷


We are half way January and I find the days are flying by in the holidays without actually achieving that much. Which is good as I just take every day as it comes, being mindful of just keeping myself in the here and now, to balance my mood levels. However I do want to make an effort to get a few more things done!!
So for this week, I hope you join me in the mindfulness workout:
As you wake up in the morning, take a minute to focus on your breathing, to settle your mind. Than find that one thing you really want to achieve today. Do not take more than one thing and it has to be a realistic goal. “I want to tidy my house” is not very realistic and too much and not specific enough. Better is ” I will tidy my desk today.” Which I really really have to do!!
(I might post a picture of my desk, I bet yours is way better organised!!!)
Have a great week, and start your days well!!

☀️Free Mindfulness Workout☀️


Whether you are back at work today, or still at home, we all need a break. The best reason for workaholics to take breaks is that they are even more productive after a break 😉
When you’re mindful of yourself, you will notice when you need a break. And you also know what you need to have that break. 
Have you figured out what relaxes you? It doesn’t matter what works for others, what matters is what works for you! Do you like being with others, or prefer to be by yourself? Does it relax to do just nothihg, or do you relax by doing something? Can you chill at the office or at home, or do you have to go outside?
Use this week to figure out what helps you to reset yourself, what gives your brain and body a break? And how can you make sure you get enough breaks to keep going? Sometimes it is just a sticky note on your bedroom door, and a colouring book for 10 minutes! I love going out for a walk, or sitting on a bench watching people going by, listening and smelling and just being, nowhere to go. I like my meditations and I like browsing all sorts of shops. It stops my mind from worrying, and brings me back in the here and now. It gives me more energy and more clarity and makes me a nicer mum too!
Have a great week,

🌷Free Mindfulness Workout

2017 is here and all I wish for you is to just be. To notice the good things that are here, and to take it all in. Everday and every moment you can start again, with doing just that.
Life has ups and downs, happiness and sadness and mindfulness helps in getting through the hard, sad and unhappy times.
Kindly, curiously and gratefully just being here. Taking in your normal, daily down to earth life, moment to moment, to feel the joy in what is already here. Growing your resilience in the good times, to be able to manage to bad times.
So this week, make a start, just be. Just notice, and stop your mind from going over all that has been. Stop worrying for all that might be. Go back to base, and just be.