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And now my holidays have begun!
If that is possible with having a house full of teenagers 🙂
Mindfulness Crochet has finished, and yesterday was the last meet up of the All Good Colourers for the year where we had a big group of people to chill!
For this week I got my inspiration from the lovely Ann who sells the gorgeous jamberry nail wraps!! You have to make a conscious effort to train your brain, to find the good everywhere, inside and around you. Your brain is wired to look out for negative cues, as that’s important for survival. 
So this week, you will do just that, find all that is good, pleasant, nice, pretty, enjoyable and give it some attention. Inside you, as thoughts and feelings, and outside of you. This will help in generally feeling more happy and will grow your resilience too.
Have a great week, 

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