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“I wish people had an opportunity to understand.”

This picture really touched me when I saw it at Courtney Place on Saturday. It is not always easy to be compassionate towards others. For example if you don’t understand what’s going on, or when an illness is not visible, like mental health problems, or when something clashes with your values and ideas.
I think by being more compassionate and being able to listen to others, we can make it happen. As understanding comes from within yourself, it is not up to any body else to try to make you understand. You can be compassionate even if you do not understand it all too.
To grow compassion towards ourself and others there is a simple practice you can try every day. It might feel a bit unusual in the beginning, as do all new habits, but that’s normal.
Think of a short sentence that sounds the most natural, for example: “may I be well” or “may I be at ease” or “may I be happy”.
As you go through your days, try to silently say this to yourself during the day. You will also use these words towards other people. Whenever you see someone else, or think of someone else, silently repeat it too. For example, when somebody crosses the road, you silently say “may you be well”.
Let me know how you get on!
Have a good week,

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