Mindfulness Crochet again & your Free Weekly Mindfulness workout!


☀️FREE Weekly Mindfulness Workout☀️
It is getting closer to Summer and Chrismas!! It is a busy time for most people. However your work, chores, parenting, etc, etc, keep going on, as usual, every day too.
For this week, you’re going to build in some mini vacations into your day. Because you need breaks, you cannot keep on forever! You will find your self more productive, energised and more able to solve problems after taking a break too!
And the best thing is you don’t even have to leave your office, home or desk.
Just use a timer on your phone so you cannot forget. After every hour you are busy, you are going to take a a short vacation. All you do is focus your attention on your breathing, noticing your abdomen rise and fall as you are breathing and trying to deepen and lengthen your outbreath. Just repeat 5 times. That’s it! Let me know how you are doing!!
Tomorrow another Mindfulness Crochet starts. Great course if you want to learn how to crochet so you can make awesome quick and cheap personalised presents. Also great if you want to start with integrating mindfulness in your daily life to increase your general wellbeing. Free crochet hooks for the first 6 people to register too!
Have a great week,

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