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It’s nearly November! Hoping we get more of the good days and less of the wet days ☀️
The Mindfulness Crochet is half way and I’m loving it! By now all the participants are getting into it and we are starting on making a beautiful project on Tuesday. I will get some pictures for you!
I’m also doing a great Mindfulness & Zendoodle at the workplace this week, which was a great excuse to buy some more markers and make more zendoodles myself 😀
This week I bring back something that I have to continously point out to myself. I easily get drawn in by my work and keep going until I’m finished, this often causes me to sit for too long.
So this week my focus is on going outside and be mindful of my movements and the world around me. Really focussing on the sun on my face, the blue sky, gorgeous clouds and the beautiful greenery around me that comes in so many different shades! Bushes and trees are blossoming and it will smell nice, people are mowing their lawns and I love that smell too! If you don’t have time to go out for walks, make the times that you are walking, mindful! 
Are you joining in this week? Show my what you see!!
Have a great week,
ps. Mindful Eating starts 15 November, have you signed up yet?? Email me on monique@easynowmindfulness.com.

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