Weekly Mindfulness Workout


Good morning!

With the Christmas season coming closer in New Zealand there are two things that seem to be impossible to combine. There is lots of yummy food at all the shops and Christmas gatherings, ànd it’s time to get your summer clothes and swimgear out!

So this week’s mindful workout is a mindful eating practice that can help in eating less.

Remember the Mindful Eating Course starts in November and you can email monique@easynowmindfulness.com to secure your place!

We often eat on autopilot, doing other things, without noticing all the signs and signals that our body is sending us to stop eating. We just eat until the food is gone, the plate is empty, often without noticing we are eating at all!

This week, choose one meal a day, and try to pay attention to the moment you stop eating that meal. And if you can, try to pay attention to the moment just before you are going to stop eating. What are you thinking? What can you feel in your body? Can you feel your stomach is full, or too full? Do you feel satisfied and well-nourished?

If you want to stop gaining weight, try to stop eating a bit sooner. Stop eating when you start feeling full and nourished. You might find it hard, you might have thoughts about not wanting to waste the food, or about how you paid for it and should eat it. Just be honest, if you eat more than you want or your body needs, you are not looking after yourself and you will not feel good about yourself if you eat it all. So just discard of the leftovers and let go of these old habitual thoughts that are not helping you to feel good about yourself and your weight!

Have a great week, hope you can give it go. Doesn’t matter if you forget to do the practice one day, be kind just try again the next day! Even just one meal this week is great! Small steps are just fine too!!



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