Mindfulness Crochet starts Tuesday & new weekly mindfulness workout

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Welcome to Easy Now Mindfulness!
To help you have a happy life I’m running an 8-week Mindfulness “Rewire your Brain for Happiness” three times a year in the wider Wellington Area.
As well as:
  • Mindfulness for parents.
  • Mindfulness crochet.
  • Mindful Eating.
  • Corporate, private & online training and workshops mindfulness/zendoodle/mental health etc.
  • Facilitator for Pause Breathe Smile mindfulness for schools.
Find the weekly mindfulness workout below and get in touch with me with any questions that you might have, happy to help.
021 134 7541
Good morning lovely people!
We had a busy week last week. Spring into Tawa fair on Saturday, getting the word out about the Mindfulness Crochet course (which is now fully
booked!) and I picked up our guest for two weeks from our home country The Netherlands!
Apart from getting lots of goodies, (which is alway yummy) I’m really enjoying to see our life, our Wellington, and our beautiful New Zealand through the eyes of this remarkable young student. It makes me so happy with everything we have right here! My family, my home, my city and amazing new home country.
A great mindfulness exercise is trying to see the world around you, as if you are seeing it for the first time. Just noticing the views, the sounds & smells, and also your ordinary daily life as if it is the first tie you are experiencing it all.
As if you are seeing it through the lens of a camera, without any negative judgments, just taking it all in. Because we do not have to strive for the highest, the greatest, the best, the most expensive, the most succesful etc etc, to be happy and fulfilled with our ordinary daily life that is right here in front of us!!
Hope you can give this a go this week,

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