Take a tiny holiday every day

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We’ve had the best weekend away with the family, celebrating two birthdays! And now back home, the best mindfulness practice to keep the feeling of holiday is to take 5 minutes a day, or even just 1 minute a day, to do absolutely nothing. And when you are a busy person this can be challenging!
Just set a timer for 5 minutes, and do nothing. You don’t even have to go find a quiet space, just do it. Sit or stand and just be. Things might be happening around you, just observe. Thoughts going on in your mind? Just observe, thoughts will pop op, it’s all normal. You might smell things or notice birds flying by, kids playing, people talking, breathing, feeling tension in your body, seeing trees waving in the wind, sounds… Just let it all be for 5 minutes, no judging, no criticising, just letting be.
Have a great week,

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