Weekly Mindfulness Workout: Quick body check and relax in 7 steps

Good morning all!
Mindfulness makes you more aware of yourself, your thoughts and feelings and also how you’re feeling in your body. We often forget to check in on our body, until we feel pain.
When you are working, or sitting still for longer times, here’s an easy quick fix to check and relax your body. It can help in noticing where tension holds in your body and in letting go of that tension.
Quick body check and relax:
1. As you breathe in, curl your toes downward, noticing the tension in your feet. Breathe out as you relax your feet again. Notice the difference between both actions.
2. As you breathe in, pull your toes upwards, noticing the tension in your feet and legs, and as you breathe out, relax your legs again.
3. As you breathe in, make fists with both hands, tensing up your arms too, it should not hurt. If it hurts, you’re overdoing it. Breathe out as you relax your arms again.
4. As you breathe in, pull your shoulders up to your ears, noticing any tension. As you breathe out, relax your shoulders.
5. Take a deep breath in, really filling up your lungs, notice your abdomen rising, breathe out again.
6. Pull a funny face, as you breathe in, and relax your facial muscles, eyes softening and jaws lowering as you breathe out again.
7. Smile.
Have a lovely day,
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Set a timer, to make you sure you take a break while working all day!
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