🎀🎁🎀 Free Weekly Mindfulness Kindfulness Workout 🎀🎁🎀

Hello again lovely people! This week’s workout is a bit different 🙂
Mindfulness is also called kindfulness. And one of the things that makes people happy is giving, caring and purpose. As you know I’m on the board of the amazing Liitle Sprouts Trust and this month is “AUGUST – MUM GIFT PROJECT -“
So my wish for this week is that you read what’s below and find a mum gift. Doesn’t have to be expensive! Maybe when you do your groceries, just get an extra item (toiletries etc) for a mum!!
Here’s the message from Jo, the wonderful woman that started the organisation that is now also running in Christchurch and Auckland!!
“This month we have a special focus on Mum Gifts! Our goal is to get as many of them as we can ready to go for our upcoming packs!
You can drop any gifts to us here at 24 Exploration Way. New items only for mums please :0)
Think warm and practical things like socks, scarves, beanies, gloves, toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, nappy and other bags, and lovely things like perfume, nail polish, jewellery etc etc.
Keep an eye out for gifts with purchase they could be great!”
Thank you all heaps, you are awesome!
pm if you have trouble dropping off the gifts, I can arrange a pick up possibly.

Between stimulus and response there is a space……

☀️🌷 FREE Weekly Mindfulness Workout🌷☀️
The power of mindfulness comes from the increase in selfawareness that it creates. This will help you in getting clarity, in making the right decisions, and responding wisely.
You can practice this by taking a few moments every day to stop and sit back. Take a couple of deep breaths and ask your self, “How am I feeling? What am I thinking? And be curious, interested, friendly and accepting of whatever is there, right in that moment.
Have a great week, don’t forget colouring is this Sunday, 10-12 in Tawa!

Weekly Mindfulness Workout

☀️FREE MIndfulness Weekly Workout ☀️
Every week I post an easy workout to start integrating mindfulness in your daily life.
For this week, try doing something different than you usually would do it. You might get a new perspective, it helps you being more in the present and it helps to get out of the autopilot we are often on.
Being on autopilot can make you prone to having more negative thoughts and negative feelings, and we don’t want that!
So look at the week ahead, what could you do different this week? Maybe walk somewhere instead of driving, or taking a different route than your usual one? Or try holding your teacup in your other hand? Or try something different for your breakfast or lunch? Lots of things you can chose from, I’m sure you will find something!
Have the best week,

Tuning into your inner wisdom, mindful eating.

Did you do last week’s workout with me? If you want to be more mindful of your eating, for a healthier life, you can use mindfulness. Really noticing the taste of food, enjoying every bite, helps me in eating less and keep a healthy weight.
The best thing about mindful eating is, that it’s not about making rules for what not to eat, it’s not another rigid diet. Mindful eating is about learning to tune into your inner and outer wisdom, make your own decisions about food, and enjoy greatly what you eat!
This week’s workout is about tuning into your inner wisdom. Get more in touch with the sense of hunger and fullness by taking a few moments every day to become aware of how hungry or full you feel. Start with a few deep breaths first. Than try to discover how full you feel, you can use a rating scale again. With 1 having an empty stomach and 10 feeling totally filled. Notice where and what you can feel about being full or being hungry.
It doesn’t take a long time, and as you practice more often, you will get better and faster at it too. This practice will help in eating according to what your body needs, and make a good decision about what and when you eat. It will be easier to wait a bit longer before you get a snack, and it will help in eating less, if you are able to recognise that you are actually already feeling full. You can safe that yummy cake for later, when you notice you are still a 7 on the scale, and know that you will enjoy it much more when you are at 3.
Every time you choose to stop eating, because you noticed you are fullfilled, you will feel great about yourself, and be proud about being able to have more control over your food intake and enjoy what you eat much more too.
As always, let me know how you get on with it!
Have a great week,

Mindful Eating

And here we are in August! This week I will be looking forward and planning my courses for the rest of this year and for 2017! Yes it is only 5 months to Christmas and 2017!
To get ready for my Mindful Eating Course that is coming up, I will give you an appetizer this week!
Did you know that your tastbuds get easily bored when you’re eating? We often eat mindlesly and don’t notice this. However bringing your attention to your tastebuds when you’re eating, and becoming aware of how something actually tastes can help you in preventing overeating.
So this week, we will start with small mindful eating steps.
Whenever you eat, try to rate the taste of the first bite on a scale of 1 to 10.
With 1 being very bad tasting, and 10 being absolutely yummy delicious best taste ever. After that, rate your second and your third bite.
That’s all. Looking forward to reading your discoveries!!!
Have the best week,