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The 8-Week MBSR has started again, Mindfulness for Parents starts this week and I’m also going to be really busy the next 4 weeks training for the Pause Breathe Smile Programme!!
Talking about being busy…. a good start in becoming more mindful, is to become aware of whether your mind and body are in the busy mode. That is, thinking, planning, ruminating, running around, never sitting still. Chances are, you forget to take in what is happening right now in the present moment.
So this week, try to pay attention to yourself, and notice whether you are busy, or whether you are able to enjoy the here and now.
Have a wonderful week!
ps. Can you spot our kitten, taking it all in, and our doggy, who’s just chillin’?

Selfcompassion in words and actions

I had to be in Christchurch on Friday. Doing the workshop to become a primary school mindfulness facilitator.
I decided to fly out on the Thursday morning and make it a long weekend away, just for me.
Because it is ok to look after yourself and do something fun just for you! Selfcompassion in mindfulness is not only being kind in your self talk, but also being kind towards yourself in your actions.
This week how about doing something kind towards yourself? You have every right to do that. It helps path your way to a happy life, where you feel good in yourself and towards others. Go on, give it a go! If it feels a bit unusual, that’s ok, all new things can feel a bit odd in the beginning. Don’t let that stop you!

Have a happy week! Pause, Breathe and Smile :-)

<><>Weekly Mindfulness Workout<><>
Another week has gone by just like that!
I’m looking forward to start my 8-week group again in The Hutt on Tuesday! Also happy to be going to Christchurch and train for the Pause Breathe Smile programme. And that has inspired me for this week’s workout:
Take a couple of moments every day to Pause, to take a nice long Breath and to Smile! Set a timer on your phone to remind you, or couple it to your meals and drinks on the day. Just a little break, to relax your system and to reset yourself for happiness. It works!
Have a good week!

Take in the good

*** Weekly Mindfulness Workout***
Hope you had a great weekend and are ready for another week! Your brain is made to remember all the bad stuff and this doesn’t help if you want to feel happy. The good news is, that you can train your brain to focus on the good stuff, and gradually you will do this more automatically and you will start to feel more postive, happy and relaxed and worry less!
So this week, keep asking yourself all through your days “so what else is good here?” Doesn’t have to be big things, anything will do.
Have a good one!

10 reasons you should sign up now

I’m bringing my 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction to Lower Hutt again!!!
Here are 10 Reasons to sign up today:
1. Down to earth course.
2. By experienced psychologist.
3. Mindfulness is scientifically proven to work!
4. Manage stress.
5. Manage anxiety.
6. Manage depression.
7. Sleep better.
8. Be more calm and balanced.
9. Have more joy in your daily life, worry less.
10. Improve focus and attention.

Weekly Mindfulness Workout

Are you doing things on automatic pilot at lot? Are you often busy in your head, thinking about the days and weeks ahead? Or going over and over again, about what has happened already?

If the anwer is yes, than unfortunately you miss out on a lot of things that are happening during the day. Things that are fun, beautiful, touching, nice, relaxing, lovely, awesome, delicious, and great! You are also more vulnerable for depression.

Luckily, with mindfulness, you can change this, by learning to live more in the here and now, and by living less on autopilot, so you have a happier life. Just by showing up for your life, right here, as it unfolds, by training your attention!

So this week, make a start by noticing when you are distracted. Noticing when you are running on autopilot, or just not taking in, what is right here.

8-week mindfulness stress reduction is back in the Hutt this term, pm me on Facebook, or look at the Facebook event for info or signing up.

Have a good week!