Back to the body, to get back to the present moment.

It’s holidays! Are you home these two weeks or working? I’m doing both! Running the kids’ workshops this week in the Northern suburbs and in Island Bay, flyering for the start of the next 8-week stress reduction training and taking a break next week.

This week the Mindfulness Workout is about how to get yourself focussed in the present, in an easy way by using the body. Because your body is always right here in the here and ow! It’s the mind that keeps wandering off.

Take a few moments every day to focus on:

first your feet, your legs, your upper body, your arms and last your head. Notice the sensations, does it feel warm or cool? What else can you feel?

This can help in stopping yourself going downwards in a spiral of negative thoughts and feelings. It brings you right back to the here and now. It’s a nice and easy short break, you can practice this everywhere, standing or sitting down. And it’s free!

Have a great week, don’t forget we are meeting up colouring and doodling this Sunday at the Tawa Community Centre, 10-12, for just $2!!

Be happy <3



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