***Mindfulness Workout***

Here’s another step to happiness, using mindfulness.
This week, see if you can become more aware of your habits, your common ways of thinking and behaving. Habits that serve your wellbeing, and those that don’t. Once you become more mindful of the things you do and think automatically, it will be easier to make changes, and you are more able to decide to do things differently.
Meditations are a great way to get some calmness and insight in what’s going on in your mind, and I love the Insight Timer app, why don’t you download it here https://insighttimer.com and join us in the New Zealand Connects group??!!
Have a lovely week!

Back to the body, to get back to the present moment.

It’s holidays! Are you home these two weeks or working? I’m doing both! Running the kids’ workshops this week in the Northern suburbs and in Island Bay, flyering for the start of the next 8-week stress reduction training and taking a break next week.

This week the Mindfulness Workout is about how to get yourself focussed in the present, in an easy way by using the body. Because your body is always right here in the here and ow! It’s the mind that keeps wandering off.

Take a few moments every day to focus on:

first your feet, your legs, your upper body, your arms and last your head. Notice the sensations, does it feel warm or cool? What else can you feel?

This can help in stopping yourself going downwards in a spiral of negative thoughts and feelings. It brings you right back to the here and now. It’s a nice and easy short break, you can practice this everywhere, standing or sitting down. And it’s free!

Have a great week, don’t forget we are meeting up colouring and doodling this Sunday at the Tawa Community Centre, 10-12, for just $2!!

Be happy <3



# your problems, Weekly Mindfulness Workout

Good morning here is your Weekly Mindfulness Workout:
You might be inclined to solve problems by thinking about them over and over again. Sometimes this works.
And sometimes it doesn’t. There just isn’t always a perfect answer straight away, or there might never be a right answer. You just exhaust your brain, give yourself a headache, make yourself feel unhappy, anxious or upset. Often it is much better to acknowledge and accept that yes there is problem, for example something at work. Whenever thoughts about it, pop up in your mind, tell yourself ” there its is again, #work, I know” and relax yourself by focussing on your breathing for a bit and than do something else. Try it, it works!
Have the best week,
be happy!
You can practice Mindfulness everywhere! There is alway your breathing and there is always something worth watching or hearing or feeling!

Grateful in April

Free Weekly Mindfulness Train-Your-Brain Workout!
This week another group of awesome people are finishing my 8-week mindfulness for happiness course, and I’m very proud of their hard work and achievements! Let me know if you want to be in the next class!
Our brains are not wired to be on the lookout for all the good and positive things that are right here. Instead our brains are always looking for what is negative and what can go wrong, just protection for survival really. So we have to make an effort to rewire the brain by consciously training it to focus on the good stuff that is going on, so we can feel good!
So everyday this week, you are going to make an effort to remind yourself of three things, that are right here, that you are grateful for. No matter how small, it’s worth giving it some attention.
I’m joining the Grateful In April challenge. I hope you will too, you can signup on their webpage gratefulinapril.com or  like the facebook page.
Have the best week!
Awesome Wellington Street art! Train your brain!