Mindful attitudes, Weekly Workout.

Hi all, here is another free Weekly Mindfulness Workout!
One of the attitudes of mindfulness is not to judge. Which is not as easy as it looks :-). We are judging all the time, and that is also a good thing. When we judge if the road is clear to cross for example, or whether food is good to eat or has gone bad. However we also judge negatively where we don’t have to. And this can give negative feelings, or make us do things that we might later regret. Or makes us not do things, and later regret.
So this week, keep in mind that you do not have to judge or have an opinion straight away. You can also just observe, and take everything in just the way it is. This can help in giving your brain a break and enjoying life more. It can also help prevent conflicts and negative emotions.
Have a good week, we’re getting close to the Easter Fair Fundraiser for Little Sprouts, hope to see you there! It’s 2016, I know, they made a typo in the flyer 🙂

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