Looking after you!

Hi, I hope you have had an enjoyable weekend! Here is your Weekly Mindfulness Workout:
Self compassion, looking after yourself, being kind to yourself in words and actions is so important and yet we often forget. If you don’t care for yourself, who is going do it? How will you be able to keep up all you’re doing, all your jobs and caring for others and racing around etc etc?? You are worth caring for in the best way! And self compassion is also an important part of mindfulness.
So this week, pretend you are a little Easter chick, sitting on your shoulder, seeing all you see and do, and hearing all the things you say out loud and in your head, to yourself. Are you being kind to yourself? Are you looking after yourself well? Are you taking breaks when you need to? Are you complimenting yourself when you look in the mirror? Are you speaking nicely to yourself, being your own best friend? Are you guiding yourself through difficult situations or beating yourself up?
Have a great week, remember the next 8 week mindfulness starts in May, Mindfulness for Parents starts in June and you can book your children into the Zendoodle workshops in the April holidays.
Be happy,

Mindful Moving Weekly Workout

Hi there, it was a wonderful summery Easter Country Fair for Little Sprouts yesterday and I really enjoyed helping out!
Today it’s back to normal. Don’t forget to book your kids in if you want them to come to the doodle & colouring school holiday workshop in Churton Park, Tawa or Island Bay!! Adult colouring meet up is coming up in April as well, the 24th!!!
Being mindfully present in the here and now, makes you enjoy life and gives you a good break from worrying too. And it doesn’t have to take up too much time!
This week try to take a minute every now and than during the day to practice some mindful moving. Walk slowly and breathe in as you raise your foot and breathe out as you put your foot down. Focus on the sensations in your feet and really feeling the conection with the ground. Keep a smiley face while you’re doing this too, this will help your brain to sense and signal that all is good!
Have a great week!

And another Monday

Good morning!! Here is another FREE Weekly Mindfulness workout!
Mindfulness is training yourself to be more aware and focussed in the here and now. This present moment is the only moment you actually really have! Too often we are not in the here and now. Our body is already here, but our mind is wandering.
So here’s an easy and fun way to get you focussed in the present. You can also do this with your children.
Practice this a few times a day. When you are waiting for example, or when you are bored or even annoyed. Or just set your timer on your phone to remind you.
You’re going to ask yourself to:
Spot 5 different colours,
Look for 4 thing that you like,
Notice 3 things that are moving,
Find 2 things you can hear,
Take 1 deep breath.
Have a great week!

Mindful attitudes, Weekly Workout.

Hi all, here is another free Weekly Mindfulness Workout!
One of the attitudes of mindfulness is not to judge. Which is not as easy as it looks :-). We are judging all the time, and that is also a good thing. When we judge if the road is clear to cross for example, or whether food is good to eat or has gone bad. However we also judge negatively where we don’t have to. And this can give negative feelings, or make us do things that we might later regret. Or makes us not do things, and later regret.
So this week, keep in mind that you do not have to judge or have an opinion straight away. You can also just observe, and take everything in just the way it is. This can help in giving your brain a break and enjoying life more. It can also help prevent conflicts and negative emotions.
Have a good week, we’re getting close to the Easter Fair Fundraiser for Little Sprouts, hope to see you there! It’s 2016, I know, they made a typo in the flyer 🙂