Happy Thoughts!

Hi all, hope you are making the most of this long Waitangi weekend. Here’s your Weekly Mindfulness Workout:
Feeling happy comes from having happy thoughts, and you can practice this, start with just a minute a day. This might feel a bit strange in the beginning, but every new habit feels a bit uncomfy first. Just randomly start with labeling everything that is happy, pretty or good around you. For me that goes like this right now: I love how my cat is so confident and relaxed chilling in the middle of the living room, I like the pretty flowers on my teacup, that pen writes so smooth, I enjoyed the chat with my mum on Skype today, that little wooden cat my son made is such a cheerful thing to look at, how cute look all the pink hearts together, that I have crocheted for Little sprouts, that pink colour on that card is gorgeous, and so on. You might get distracted halfway through, that is only normal! Just go back to having happy thoughts.
Decide what is a good time for you to practice. Maybe when you have your shower in the morning, or drinking your morning tea. Or every time you have to wait in traffic. You could pick the same moment every day so it is easy to remember. You can even set the timer on your phone to remind you, or write a little sign on your hand, HT for example, Happy Thoughts.
Have a good week!
Recognise this gate???

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